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Comment Re:A very negative spin (Score 2) 83

+1 this was a very loaded and biased summary. I use Apple machines for all my 'GUI' needs and Ubuntu for all my server needs so I could not care less about Unity vs Gnome vs KDE or whatever. If I'm sad about anything it would be more that Upstart never got enough love and could have been made great, instead we got to deal with Systemd, but even that is pretty invisible to me. I don't have any grudge against Shuttleworth, sure he might have made small mistakes but seems like a pretty good leader from where I sit.

Comment Re:Unfortunately, Google hasn't made its case. (Score 1) 238

Except the gender masking does not exist and the Google committees use the manager's feedback as a main source of information to rate employee performance as well as promotion worthiness. So of course the managers will not say 'pay her less because she's a woman', all they have to do is to write their feedback to stack rank their direct reports and the committees will follow. I also do not understand how the sex can be masked with the 360 feedback having 'Cindy played a role' or 'she contributed to' all over. AFAIK that's not masked.

Comment Re: LeEco- spyware (Score 1) 25

My first Vizio, which I almost only used to play my PS3 games, which mean not much, died after 24 months +1 or 2 weeks. Fortunately it was bought from Costco, 2 years, with an Amex, +1y. They pretty much paid the replacement cost. The replacement one is a much nicer quality and I also barely use it if it dies within 3y, well I will get Amex to replace it. If it dies beyond that ... $1000 for 6Y of decent quality 1080p then 4K 55" TV is not so bad.

Look at the models at Costco, the free 2Y warranty and the price difference alone could pay for the annual membership fee if you are not a member yet. Does anyone know if the new Costco Visa card has the +1 year warranty Amex had?

Comment Re:Potentially a good thing (Score 5, Insightful) 76

Hopefully. Call me cynical, but question: of all the $$ they dish out for ad revenue, what fraction goes to small-time videos? Could be a good way to cut down on costs. Any google-ites care to chime in?

The way I read it is that it would cut down on incoming revenue to YouTube: ads are entirely disabled until 10k views on a given video. It is not 'no revenue sharing until 10k', it is 'no ads until 10k'. Quite different. This count is on the channel's view not per video so this should have limited impact for the content producers that have lot of videos with niche viewership. Unfortunately it will probably have the side effect of forcing small channels to split their videos in a 2, 3 4 part video to help bump the views count to 10k faster.

Comment Re:Contract negotiation... (Score 1) 316

I second that, I have seen first hand that getting a promotion or not be part of layoffs has more to do with your political connections than merit at large corporations. In smaller shops, where everybody knows everybody, I found this to be less common, but still present if the top leadership has poor ethics.

Comment Re:"We" are forcing quality down ... (Score 1) 66

I'm not sure I agree with the, mostly accepted, idea that offshore == lower quality. The car analogy would be Toyota vs the american manufacturers. Toyota managed to build cars in Japan, at much, much higher quality than Detroy could and then sell them for cheaper. South Korea was a little behind Japan on quality but is pretty much on par now. Of course things are not 100% perfect with exploding phones and bad airbags but I would say the quality is still on par, if not better, than the western counterparts.
China still has a problem of consistency with a lot of low quality, fakes and just plain rip off items, but they do build very high quality items nowadays. A lot of the price difference between 2 items, US vs offshore, is not always manufacturing cost. The offshore item will have a lower margin, little to no marketing cost, . For example I personally do not believe that the manufacturing cost of a MacBook Pro would have a very significant percentage difference on the retail price if it were manufactured in the US. I also believe Apple would have a higher market share, by how much no idea, if they bragged about manufacturing in the US only. It worked for the car industry so why not?

To me one economical danger of offshoring production is that the western companies are both training and financing their future competitors. Look at all the computers and smartphones from offshore companies. Most quality TV brands are 'offshore' brands (Sony, Samsung, LG) and nobody thinks of them as cheap low quality compared to US brands (which ones really? Vizio maybe?). Even the TV market is starting to see Chinese brands.

So let's stop always putting offshore in the bucket of low quality, the US is producing low quality and badly designed products as well. Made in USA is not a guarantee of superior quality.

Comment Re:Locals preferred ? (Score 2) 239

I never heard such nonsense. The definition of resident for tax purposes is different, than for immigration purposes, and an H1-B is not exempt from paying federal taxes. A long time ago, when I was on the J-1 program, I was exempted from social security withholdings and my taxes were rather very low since I was only an intern. As soon as I 'upgraded' to the H1-B status I had to pay full taxes like everyone else. I'm not even sure that a former H1-B is entitled to receive money from Social Security at retirement age if he left the country. Now ... if the H1-B left the country before he stayed 6 months during the given tax year ... then yeah I guess you could say that he could save on taxes, is there a spike of H1-Bs leaving in the weeks/days before July 1st each year? In any case if you leave the country after 6 months to avoid paying taxes, it is not trivial to come back.

Comment Re:Locals preferred ? (Score 2) 239

It is starting to happen ... I've seen recruiters in India reaching out to me for local Silicon Valley jobs. Considering 80% of the local recruiters reaching out to me don't even seem to have read my Resume/Profile, I cannot imagine how someone in a different continent can understand the roles. If the hiring company is too cheap to use recruiters in the US, how much do you think they will be willing to pay, and then how long before they send your job offshore? No, thank you.

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