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Comment Re:See a psychologist. (Score 1) 384

Replying mostly to undo a moderation misclick, but I'll chime in as well:

AC here really is giving good advice. I've seen and experienced similar effects. Depression could be the cause for (or at least a contributing factor to)
all the issues that were described.

Absolutely take a look at your diet and exercise. Deficiencies in your diet can have a huge effect on your mental abilities and can be a major contributing factor in depression, if that is a cause of your problems.

I also strongly recommend following up on some of the suggestions farther up the page for improving sleep. Most artificial light (including computer screens and TVs) actually does have an effect on your body's internal mechanisms. If you absolutely must use your computer near bedtime, I recommend using redshift on Linux or f.lux ( These will change the color of the output to reduce the effect on your sleep.

Last, don't be shy about discussing your issues with the appropriate people at the school. If it is a medical issue, they should be very willing to help you deal with it and/or work around it.

Been there before (though maybe not quite as serious) and it's not fun. Good luck.

Comment Re:People who can't stop (Score 1) 926

Try pricing out stuff like beans, kale, cabbage, spinach etc. instead. Inexpensive and very filling.

Maybe your area has better prices, but where I live (a typical low income US town), that's not the case. My girlfriend and I switched to a vegetable, fruit, and meat diet a year or two back. Our food bill went up a good 20%. On top of that, because it's a somewhat rural area and the population is generally low income, the variety of fresh food available is pathetic. It can get very boring eating spinach and cabbage all the time. Even with our garden, we don't get the quality and variety of food that we should, and we try pretty hard to make it work. The general population isn't going to put in that kind of effort, especially with the added cost here.

The people I deal with on a regular basis eat processed grains and processed meat. A 'meal' for one person can cost pennies. I'd be very surprised if you could match that calorie/$ value anywhere. You certainly can't here.

Comment Re:Amazing ... (Score 1) 212

Now, you might say that no, they've been talking about the "experience" because that's what all the cool, profitable kids are up to. That may well be the case, but if you watch their adverts, it goes a step further than trying to convince you of a top-quality experience: they tend to allude to "the Windows/Office/MS Bob experience you love", as if it were an existing truth. It's always struck me as curiously arrogant, coming from a company which deliberately strangled the competition to gain its dominant position. What I don't know, however, is whether they've misread the market that badly, or they're trying to get people to believe there already is such a demand for a specifically Microsoft experience, in order to create this demand.

I would have to say I agree more with this than your first idea. I think the only reason they try to make it sound like it's always been about the experience is pure marketing. They know it hasn't been about the experience, but they want it to be. So they make it sound like it always was because in marketingland, if you say it enough, it eventually becomes true.

Maybe it doesn't make sense on the face or when looked at objectively, but there is a psychological effect where confidence and repetition will make people believe things. Microsoft was banking on the marketing to get sales, but the marketing wasn't convincing enough and the product wasn't compelling enough. Whether that's because of poor understanding of the market or a design problem is hard to say from the outside. Personally, I'd guess that it's both; the whole thing is hamstrung by in-fighting in management.

Comment Re:Can't put a PCIe card in a laptop (Score 1) 314

Hauppauge has a number of different products that do all kinds of things, including standalone PVR boxes.

Another big one to look at if you want to capture tv is Silicondust's HDHomeRun, which simply connects to your network and works quite painlessly with Windows and Linux. I haven't used it with OSX, but supposedly that's fairly easy as well.

Encryption can be a problem if you want more than just your local channels, but Hauppauge does offer a couple of CableCard boxes for use in the US. I'm not sure about the details as I've only used the more basic capture cards.

Comment Re:Threat from r/c planes (Score 1) 233

Yes, if you crashed an RC plane or Cessna in a crowd, you could probably kill a few people, but keep in mind the cost of the attack. An RC plane costs a good bit and would draw attention. For the small payload an RC plane can carry, you might as well just go discretely plant a couple of bombs or throw grenades. And if the target is inside a building, you're not likely to cause enough damage to be worthwhile. RC attacks are just not worth the money and effort.

Comment Re:Great news for poor people (Score 1) 577

You're most likely just trolling, but I'll bite.

My girlfriend and I cook nearly all of our meals. We're anything but fat. We recently switched from a healthy, but carb-heavy diet to almost purely meat and vegetables. Our grocery bill went up at least 25%.

If we bought nothing but pasta, hot dogs, frozen meals, etc, we could cut that way down. Processed food is MUCH cheaper than unprocessed, and the gap is widening, at least here.

Comment Re:If you don't like metro... (Score 1) 800

I haven't timed it, but pressing the power button to the login screen is definitely less than 10 seconds and from login to desktop is nearly instantaneous

This was a typo, should have said 20, but anyway...

Just timed it booting, mostly out of curiosity. Boot time after shutting down was 14 seconds from power button to login screen. I didn't time resume from hibernate (was a bit more than 1 second longer than sleep) but it really is much faster than you'd expect, and significantly faster than a normal boot.

Comment Re:If you don't like metro... (Score 1) 800

it takes approximately 1 second longer to resume from hibernate than from sleep

Are you sure it's actually resuming from hibernation and not hybrid suspend? Even with a fast SSD, reading a moderately sized memory dump back in could take more than 10 seconds.

I did set it to hibernate rather than suspend and I believe I turned off hybrid sleep, though it's been a while and I'm not 100% sure. It is conceivable they pulled some funny business with the naming of things. That said, they did quite a bit of work on fast boot, hibernate, and resume for Win8. Good post about it here (

All that aside, my laptop boots ridiculously quickly, faster than anything else I've worked with. I haven't timed it, but pressing the power button to the login screen is definitely less than 10 seconds and from login to desktop is nearly instantaneous. Whether the credit should go to the hardware or software, I can't say for sure because it's my only Win8 install.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 800

Did you forget what site you were on? Or are you just trying to troll? I'm a mechanical engineer and computer geek who does just a tad more than power point. I'm saddened to say that I've almost certainly spent significantly more time on my computers in the past decade than I've spent with my family.

Anyway, of course you need to configure Windows 8 not to use the Metro apps, if you don't want to use them. That's included in my 'once you're set up' line. The good news is that all the old Windows 7 desktop apps are still there! Windows 8 is just Windows 7 with some minor changes and the Metro shit dumped on top of it. Once you figure out where things are, it takes no more than 1 minute to change the default apps back to the desktop versions and it works pretty much identically to Windows 7, even for someone like you. Windows 8 is even noticeably faster than Windows 7.

Yes, they should make the Metro apps opt-in or tablet only, but Windows 8 is hardly the travesty you're making it out to be.

Comment Re:If you don't like metro... (Score 2) 800

Implicitly commanding the OS to shutdown is kind of a 90's thing to do to be honest

I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a 90s thing, but you're right that it's not usually necessary. 95% of the time, I just close the lid and let it hibernate (it takes approximately 1 second longer to resume from hibernate than from sleep - they really did improve things nicely on that front).

That said, I'm hardly a luddite that can't be arsed to learn things. The shut down and restart stuff mostly comes from updates or from my incessant fiddling. I'm constantly trying new software and experimenting with better ways to set up my gadgets and I find Microsoft's placement of the shutdown commands idiotic. People, especially averages joes, should not have to learn new key combinations or swipe/hot corner to access something so common. By all means, include those as options if you like, but it should be in plain view. When my most common support question is 'how do I shut down?', that's just sad.

Comment Re:If you don't like metro... (Score 2) 800

...don't use any Metro apps. You're not forced to, apart from some initial app-pinning perhaps. Apart from that you can happily live in Windows 8, enjoy the extra speed and UI enhancements and never see metro again. Happy days!

While I think it's idiotic that we have to do this, he's right. I set up my laptop in this manner and it's not really that bad. The ability to arrange my icons (to proper desktop apps) in the start screen is actually nice and it does feel markedly faster.

My only real complaints since getting it set up are:
1. I still have to stop and think to remember how to restart the thing.
2. Changing settings can be a nightmare since many things point you to the metro config apps instead of a proper control panel, etc. Once you get used to how to access the old config windows, this is manageable.

So... it's bearable to use it day to day, especially since I mostly just use the laptop for web browsing or to kill a little time with a game. I could tolerate working on it, but I think I'd put Debian or Mint on there if I really wanted to get things done.

Comment Re:Why not provide packages for other distros? (Score 3, Informative) 185

I run LMDE (Mint Debian Edition) or straight Debian Testing on my computers whenever possible. They're fully compatible, just add one or the other to your sources. Similarly, I'm reasonable sure that standard Mint is compatible with the Ubuntu repos. I'm sure others will correct me if I'm wrong

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