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Comment Re:You forgot to mention... (Score 5, Interesting) 232

Then you either need to find another job, or lay down the law with your employer.. and preferably with an HR rep present when you do.

I was 'on call' for almost 2 years with one company I worked for, and almost got fired because I slept in on a Saturday and didn't answer my phone for about 3 hours. After that, I called a meeting with my manager and HR exec. I told them if I was to be considered 'on call' at all hours of the day, 24/7/365.. then they needed to pay me for the hours I was expected to answer the phone.

I then laid out the math, considering 1/4th of my salary for 'on call' status outside of normal work, they would have to raise my salary to 75% greater than my current pay. I was told they would hire another person, and divide the 'on call' status across the group to make it 'fair'. After that, I received almost no calls outside of work(except on my 'on call' weekend). They figured spanning the 'on call' status to everyone on the team, was cheaper than any one of us getting that extra 75%.. and that's just at 1/4th of MY pay, and I was a mid-level dev at the time.

I got my free time back, and they were happy that I brought the fact that I was upset with the matter to them, rather than just leaving because I was mad at the situation.

On a side note: I used to work for a very well known in-house tech service.. on my week, once every 6 months, I was paid 1/4 time 8hrs a day for them to be able to call me at any hour, and have me answer. Even when I worked that day.

Comment Re:Cool! All we have to do is create code to math. (Score 1) 215

Why do you argue that I'm wrong?

All that line is, is a series of 1's and 0's, in a combination of bits, bytes, nibbles, and DWords.. so, tell me how it doesn't end up as a mathematical function?

In another post on this subject.. I provided an XKCD reference... Take a look at it. so on that basis.. how is ANYTHING, not math?

Comment Re:Cool! All we have to do is create code to math. (Score 1) 215

No, it doesn't. But if you were to attempt to display it on a screen, you would have to compute everything that goes with displaying it. So, this really goes back to, everything with a computer is math. You HAVE to manipulate the strings and values to make them display on a screen, which is math.

I agree. 'Hello World!' is not math, but the process to display it on a computer screen is. So, that would mean that all computer functions, from displaying text, or anything more complex, is all MATH..

Comment Re:Good for you! (Score 1) 314

But if attempting to teach someone the most basics of vi, and they can't understand the simplest of keyboard shortcuts(and I'm not talking crazy macro's and all the fun little tricks you learn while using it.. but just the basics: here's how you open a file(vi file.txt) and you hit i to insert..).. how might you expect them to react when you introduce the most basic element of programming: variables.

I'm not advocating 'trial by fire' but if I can't teach you how to open a file in vi, add some text to it, and save + quit in 10 minutes.. I'd have serious doubts about your ability to pick up anything more complex.

Comment Re:Windows Upgrade costs $295 (Score 1) 435

So, lemme get this straight. You took the time to go to his link, find a help section, read enough of it to find what you wanted, quoted it, and linked us to it. All to give this guy some shit. But you didn't think about his post long enough to consider that maybe it wasn't Windows 8 activation that brought him to Linux? Especially considering he claims to have never been able to even attempt an install, let alone an activation, with Windows 8? There are lots of prior version of Windows that had activation built in, and they all sucked.

Just cause you have a low UID, doesn't mean you aren't an idiot. Or at least an asshole

Comment Re:Computer Trespass (Score 1) 223

You are forgetting that this is an e-sports software.. It calls home all the time anyway. So, maybe this would be a bit closer to me changing the tires on your car(the update that added the code), and I setup something in your engine that would make it idle even when you weren't there, generating something that you wouldn't have had in the first place. And then, every time you came back for more work(apparently, everday) I collected the generated whatever(bitcoins in this case).

It costs you a bit of gas, and I got something out of it for free. To cover the GPU's needing to be replaced could be compared to: If your car wasn't in the best of conditions, this might have put it over the edge, or not.

I used to run a small time mining op for a couple months. Dual GPU's working full tilt 24/7 cost about $30/month to run in increased electricity. So, the cost to the user(who's car didn't break) would likely be covered by their free month of the service.

Was what they did wrong? Of course. But is it some crazy thing we all need to be getting uppity about? Maybe. But these users did install this stuff of their own free will. If they had put it in the EULA, I don't see how this would be wrong.. granted most of us never read those things, but Sony removing my Other OS on my PS3 was in the EULA. Lots of us got mad about it, but it never changed. Want to keep your Other OS, then no online play for you.

Comment Re:More person, more cost. Fine. (Score 1) 587

Expect for, it doesn't apply. nitrous oxide is 'laughing gas'. I wouldn't call that a 'general anesthesia'.

Just put a display in there playing only the dumb parts of Idiocracy, and you get a high, dumbed down version of your customers.. who would want to fly more, just to be high on laughing gas and watch stupid movies.

Comment Re:Now Apple should pay 1/10th of it's value (Score 2) 120

That in itself is a crime.

It really is? Or should it only be? Serious question. I don't know American laws.

"deliberate..attempt(s) to impede the viability of competitors."

In American law, I believe this would fall under Anti-Trust laws. Just because you aren't a monopoly(yet), doesn't mean that you aren't doing illegal things to attempt to create one. (Like, I dunno.. suing competitors into oblivion over something that is obviously prior art, or non-innovative(Can anyone say: rounded corners?))

Though, I could be wrong. IANAL.

Comment Re:Biased article - it fixes passcode bug (Score 1) 112

I get the feeling that both options are correct.

Apple gets to fix a 'security bug', and make it so a jailbreak no longer works. This makes them look good(tough on security), and keeps the walls up. As your casual user who knows just enough to *want* other software(or, say enabling tethering on an iDevice with it disabled?), but not enough time/knowledge to find the latest jailbreak, will just keep it stock.

Those 18m downloads are the people that:
1) Own an iDevice
2) Updated this month
3) Needed a new jailbreak
4) Took the time to find it

That a lot of iDevice users.. I wonder if this had not been patched, how much higher this number could have been in another month.

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