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Comment life in the city (Score 5, Interesting) 518

Unless you've ever lived in a big city and commuted regularly by train, you wouldn't be aware of how silent riders are in rush hour, especially morning rush hour when the trains and stations are most crowded. A single person making small talk on their phone annoys everyone.

The mistake this guy made was running his jammer continuously. If you have jammer and want to target one person on a cell phone, you only have to momentarily switch on the jammer when the other end of the call is talking. When the rider is chatting, you leave the jammer off, when the other end is talking, you turn it on. Within 30 seconds, the caller will give up. Using this approach, your jammer is only on for a few seconds at a time.

Comment Re:conflict of interest ignored here (Score 1) 363

One of my graduate TA's did just that, 30 years ago. He compiled notes and study guides made by himself and other TA's, imported them into TeX, invented a publisher, hired a printer, and sold thousands of books. The hardest part was writing the book, not publishing and printing it. And this was all in the early 1990's, before the Internet made its way outside academia. Today, publishing and printing is even easier than it was at that time.

Comment Superconducting Super Collider (Score 3, Interesting) 50

The Space Station (or "waste station", as we used to call it) helped kill the Superconducting Super Collider by taking away research dollars in 1992-1993.

Manned space flight is ridiculously expensive. The SSC, though greatly less glamorous, would have done a lot more for our understanding of the universe. So I don't see funding the ISS as an accomplishment.

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