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Comment What about the victims of vaccine injury (Score 1) 499

We all benefit from others being vaccinated, and being that it is more or less mandatory we should (but currently do not) have a compensation program in place for those who suffer from vaccine injury. In fact we gave a precedent set by the Supreme Court of Canada that the state cannot be held responsible.

Comment Keurig and Tassimo - worst invention of the centur (Score 0) 299

The coffee tastes like crap, is an environmental nightmare and is far less cost effective than previous methods. Are we really that busy that we don't have 2-3 minutes to brew a shot of espresso and steam some milk?/For fucks sake people COME ON. If you own or regularly use one of these machines, please do us all a favour and off yourself!

Comment Re: can someone give the TL;DR (Score 1) 205

Yes it was a bad analogy, what i meant to say was the licencing is necessary to ensure quality of service but the exorbitant licencing fees are not necessary. The spectrum licenses are sold to the highest bidder (for billions of dollars) the cost of which is passed on to the consumer, which is literally taxing end users on thin air.

Comment Re: can someone give the TL;DR (Score 1) 205

Can't blame carriers 100%. Carriers dont really do anything other than repackage software and hardware solutions from their vendors. Vendors that licence based on number of subscribers, number of OFDM codes, number of installed sites, instances of software, global geographical region. Vendors that heavily utilize FOSS solutions in their products but contribute very little to the FOSS community. Vendors that charge millions for (but provide a very poor level of) support. Don't get me wrong the carriers could improve their game greatly by focusing on providing better value and service for their customers, but the truth be told the margins for running a national wireless network aren't that great, and it's the multinational vendors mentioned above that are making the most of it. Here's looking at you Ericsson/Cisco/Juniper/HP/etc...

Comment Re: New rule (Score 1) 161

I bought a Telstra prepaid SIM when I was in Australia recently and was required to provide a valid passport with a valid visa label which was magically verified by Telstra (I was somewhat surprised to learn they have full access to the passport database because it told me my passport wasn't valid when I accidentally put the wrong passport number). The coverage was so poor however, that I decided on my way home to give it to a terrorist at the airport who was flying in from Saudi Arabia to say G'day to the Australian parliament house.. Serves em right!

Comment Re: SJW crap (Score 1, Interesting) 310

He's doing what he loves, what's wrong with that? He also has a point about not only women, but many people working in technology. They get into it because it pays well, but they really lack the natural interest (passion) in the field to take it beyond being work. People like the GP are the ones who succeed in tech because they do it for the right reason, i.e. they love it and are good at it. The same can be said for any profession, and its the advice I give to my kids and others.. Do something because you love it and you're good at it. We are all good at something.

Comment Re: ban anonymous cowards (Score 0) 109

That implies there is something wrong with assholism, which is where I disagree. People should be able to speak as they choose, it is how the community judges their statements that is important. This decides what is and isn't socially acceptable, and comment moderation serves this purpose here on /. I personally don't feel the need to post as AC that often but sometimes you want to make sure that what you say isn't linked to any presence other than your IP which can be hidden using VPN/TOR etc if necessary.

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