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Comment Re:What would you do if malware tried to break out (Score 2) 1042

So how the hell do you know you broke out of the simulation, as opposed to just running a new scenario in the simulation? If you actually did break out, how do you know that the new level isn't a simulation?

You don't. It's simulations all the way up and turtles all the way down.

Submission + - Cycle doping, with motors not drugs

nickovs writes: The New York Times is reporting an increasing amount of evidence that pro cyclists are adding tiny, hidden electric motors to their racing bikes in order to get an advantage. They cite Stefano Varjas, a Hungarian who claims "his crank-assist devices could produce more than 250 watts, the amount of power a professional rider might typically average during a four-hour race" while being sufficiently light that the bike can still maintain the cycling union’s minimum weight.

Comment Re:10Mbps is still faster than what I can get... (Score 1) 224

All these are great ideas, lol, technically would work; I'm an electrical engineer working in the wireless world so I am certain I could get it up and running. None of that helps when you aren't good friends with the neighbors.(-; I'd really rather just be able to purchase the bandwidth they obviously are able to provide.

Comment 10Mbps is still faster than what I can get... (Score 2) 224

I've been arguing with AT&T for nearly a year now about getting a faster connection to our house. We live in the "woods", but no more than 10 miles from places with enough people to provide them with pretty fast U-Verse speeds. All they can provide me is 768kbps, no amount of begging and pleading has ever even gotten a tech out to even *check* if they can give me more (our direct neighbor gets 6Mbps, still slow but nearly an order of magnitude higher than mine). They have though promised to send someone out a few times... just a technique to get you to shut up for a few weeks. We can't get cable, sat has way too high latency for what I need and cell service is shoddy at best. So, here I am paying AT&T 40 bucks a month for 768kps just to make sure I have a "reliable" connection; still goes out sometimes but way less than the cell connection.

Comment Making policy but not thinking of the future...? (Score 2) 157

who are usually more concerned about giving policy recommendations than in making forecasts

What? Is this implying that they want to make suggestions about what to do in the present and future to change the future without being the least bit concerned with forecasting the future? I don't think I would listen to anyone who wants to make important changes/suggestions without them being very concerned with attempting to predict the future of the situation at hand.


the field of economics frequently uses math in an unhealthy way

As an EE having taken many econ classes, I can wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

Submission + - RTOS Vs. General Purpose OS 1 writes: I have been working with VxWorks and Linux for real-time solutions. My main focus has been in the voice market. I don't see any impact on the servers we deploy running Debian and/or RedHat. We even have most of our infrastructure virtualized. So my question is, is there still a market for any Real-time Os and if so what is that purpose? From my experience Linux if tweaked, it is stable enough to run efficiently at least for most of the stuff I have done. That is why I would like to know a good argument for running VxWorks or any RTOS vs a Linux distro.

Comment It changed me. (Score 5, Interesting) 159

I've lived in the NO area my entire life. I was in college at Tulane University when the storm hit. It changed my life. In a big way. I was living in an apartment in the city at the time. The night before we all realize that this was no normal storm coming, this one was different. My family and I quickly got a plan together to get ourselves to Texas, we had family to stay with in Corpus Christi. Got there, storm comes, we watch the city and area around it crumble before our eyes*. Within two days me and a few others in my family (mainly healthy men, elderly/children/sick stayed back) made it back to where most of them lived a bit north of NO. The city itself was still shut off from the outside world so we still didn't know really what things were like there. Where we were was no better though, the country outlying the area where my family lived was also cut off in it's own way. We had no cell service, no power, no water, no access to 911 or the fire department. There were no gas stations open and not even an FM or AM radio station still broadcasting. It was weird. There was no one willing to travel on public roads without a 4-wheeler, a chainsaw, and a shotgun. Too many trees in the road everywhere and too many looters trying to steal everything in the area, even far from the city...
After dealing with the immediate things we could deal with we went back to Texas and as a group stayed there for a couple weeks. I didn't leave. Tulane was still shut down so I went to A&M for a semester. Also weird. I walk into admissions and enrollment with no records of anything. No high school records (high school also in NO and shut down completely at this point) no college records. No way to even access a bank account at this point. So, they just told me to take what I thought I needed to take regardless of the pre-reqs, and gave me full tuition and books and room and board (I will forever be grateful for the people there at TAMUCC for making that part of the experience very pleasant). After all that and things have setlled down I return back to Tulane, in the middle of the first semester back (a week after the next tuition is due of course) they announce 'whoops, not enough funding left after reconstruction efforts, we are going to cancel all engineering curriculums'. This understandably pissed off a lot of people. (seriously, who gets rid of civil engineering right when the city probably needs them more than ever before in history). What this all meant to me was that now I had been to two different schools, about to have to jump to a third. None of these schools would accept all the credits and each wanted their own little courses here and there; thus took me 6 years with summers to get a B.S. Electrical Engineering degree without ever having failed a single class.

tl;dr: Katrina fucked up my life.

*I had tears starting when I wrote that, this experience will forever be exceedingly emotional to me to recall.

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