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Comment Re:But what if I liked the application (Score 1) 509

Actually the iPhone has the exact same "kill switch" for the exact same purpose.

Indeed it does. The amusing thing about this situation is that Apple has never used it - even for apps that are no longer offered and that violate both Apple's and AT&T's terms of service (NetShare, e.g.). I got a kick out of the GGP's "nuking an applications without asking first is what Steve Jobs does and that Google is not supposed to do," for precisely that reason. Nuking an app from orbit is what people in the Slashdot community expect from Steve Jobs, and yet it is Google that does it first, on the darling platform of those who view the iPhone and its walled garden as "evil".

Sure, I'm not trying to defend Google here. But there is a difference between malicious apps and apps that violate the terms of service. I don't think Google has wiped any apps of off user's devices when they were removed from the market. (Such as the tetris clones that were recently removed from the market).

Comment Re:But what if I liked the application (Score 5, Informative) 509

I'm fine with repositories and security updates, but nuking an applications without asking first is what Steve Jobs does and that Google is not supposed to do.

I hate iPhone OS policies as much as the next geek (why don't I get an upgrade for security on my original iPhone, even to iOS 3.1.4?), but even Jobs doesn't delete apps from your phone. Any apps once through the store, are yours, lock, stock, and barrel. They may prompt you to upgrade, they may stop selling an app, but they don't delete them. What google should be doing is sending these users an email and free SMS letting them know that they "should delete app $FOO because it's potentially dangerous. For reference, please see" Maybe some people wanted these apps... like the friends of the security researchers in question.

Actually the iPhone has the exact same "kill switch" for the exact same purpose.

Comment Re:How to Search Android Market from a PC (Score 1) 226

Or ... you know ... just using a web browser ... you know you can view the apps from the Apple AppStore in a web browser ... RIGHT?

Far easier than installing iTunes JUST to browse them.

How long did it take for apple to do that?

There you go, search all you want. And with appbrain you can even mark apps to be installed later using the webbrowser and then sync them from your android device.

Comment Re:Mod parent up (Score 1, Informative) 360

I see that your attitude is no different from the so called communist propagandists. I do not see any objectivity in your comment. You seem to want to selectively highlight the constructive role of the shiv sena and the RSS while downplaying their religious intolerance.

"It is precisely the objectivity of outside observation that Naipaul brings to the Indian social landscape, something which Indians in India do not possess, unfortunately. It is a sad day for the Indian intellect when an outsider like Naipaul is needed to expose the reality..."

Merely because you are unaware of Indians within India that objectively evaluate the conditions in India, doesn't mean they do not exist. Check out the many number of books and articles written by Arun Shourie during his journalistic days, read the columns by Tavleen Singh...

"What about the thugs and murderer Communists called Naxalites in India's red corridor (Bengal, Bihar, orissa and northern AP)? How well does the Indian Media report about their killings, rapes, bombings and Pakistani support? No, the Indian media is only obsessed with Hindus."

I see the Indian media report on naxalites almost on a daily basis and toe the government line of blaming everything on the ISI and Pakistan. Again you are being dishonest to try and prove your own point. I do not condone the actions of the naxalites, but I do not hate them or their idelogy either. They came into being because the 'State' failed to do its duties and instead abused the citizens. It is a well known fact that the police and the politicians abuse their power and the poor are hapless observers. This was the cause for the naxalites to come into being. Merely brushing aside the cause and condemning the consequences does not make you seem any more intelligent than the communist intelligentsia.

As to your claim that the India media is only obsessed with Hindus, they are equally reticent about any disruptive actions of the Indian military in Kashmir and the various Kashmiri leaders that are under house arrest. Such actions are no different from those of an autocratic state.

In conclusion you have brought no sense of objectivity to this discussion but merely stated views that are the extreme opposite of the "communist intelligentsia".

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