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Comment Not surprising (Score 5, Insightful) 500

It is not surprising that there are ths many attempts, or that most of them are accidental. There are a staggering number of people flying, and a high number of guns in the US.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics ( says there were 689 million passenger enplanements. You can do the math, but approximately 2,000 guns found is nowhere near a concerning number. It sounds shocking on the face of it, but with a decade of record gun sales and a strong movement for people to carry concealed, I expected for more to be found.

Comment Re:Simple Idea: (Score 2) 70

Just because something starts out as military hardware, doesn't mean it doesn't have valid, peaceful uses.

The helicopter is a great example. Some military hardware has uses other than killing people and breaking things.

I could see something like an RQ-1 being used in much the same way as traffic and police helicopters are used today. They should have the hell regulated out of them, of course. Not just for privacy, but for safety.

Comment A few more potential facts (Score 1) 353

I happened across a blog ( that had some potentially illuminating facts.

- she was her own legal representation
- the law seems to say that he should be shielded

I'm not surprised there would be a shocking verdict in a case when the defendant is acting as their own legal counsel. From the snippet of the law in the blog, it seems like it should have been an open an shut case.

No person connected with, employed by or engaged in any medium of communication to the public shall be required by ... a judicial officer ... to disclose, by subpoena or otherwise ... [t]he source of any published or unpublished information obtained by the person in the course of gathering, receiving or processing information for any medium of communication to the public[.]

Unless her blog was so bad that it could not be considered "any medium of communication to the public"

Comment Re:If you've nothing to hide... (Score 5, Interesting) 878

I'm sure that the founding fathers would have had an amendment of the constitution that guaranteed against what is going on right now.

People should also focus on how unnecessarily dangerous that traffic stop was.

Why did off-duty officer feel it was necessary to endanger his own life, the motorcyclist and the life of the motorists in the nearby vehicles? His weapon was drawn before he announced that he was a police officer. Somebody who would have chosen fight over flight could have caused a serious altercation. IANAPO, but why couldn't the officer have recorded the details of this obvious lawbreaker and reported it to a marked unit to take care of traffic violations?

I'm hoping there are other details I don't know about, but the video evidence seems to indicate an investigation of the officer's conduct would be prudent.

Comment Re:yep... (Score 1) 778

That is just the ticket.

I have taken my $35 ironman from being submersed 60' below sea level to 20,000'+ pressure altitude, all within a matter of days. It has traveled from hot deserts to snowy mountains to swamps and survived extended G loading.

The only 'maintenance' it has needed in the past eight years are three new wristbands and a battery.

I can't imagine any multi-use device even getting close to that (especially at the low cost). There will always be a benefit and need for device specialization.

Comment Re:Would an airplane be of any use? (Score 1) 252

You can really limit down the search area by doing some research first. If these are traditional cabled weather balloons, near areas of high population density, and at altitudes visible to the ground, they will be a flight hazard. Based off those assumptions, they should either be in restricted areas or NOTAMed. Too bad that idea alone isn't worth any money.

Evolution's Path May Lead To Shorter, Heavier Women 411

Hugh Pickens writes "Yale University researchers believe that if evolutionary pressures of sexual selection and reproductive fitness continue for another 10 generations, the trends detected in their study may mean that the average woman in 2409 AD will be 2 cm shorter, 1 kg heavier, will bear her first child five months earlier, and enter menopause 10 months later. 'There is this idea that because medicine has been so good at reducing mortality rates, that means that natural selection is no longer operating in humans,' says Stephen Stearns of Yale University. 'That's just plain false.' Stearns and his team studied the medical histories of 14,000 residents of the Massachusetts town of Framingham, using medical data from a study going back to 1948 spanning three generations, and found that shorter, heavier women had more children than lighter, taller ones. Women with lower blood pressure and cholesterol were also more likely to have large families as were women who gave birth early or had a late menopause. More importantly, these traits are then passed on to their daughters, who also, on average, had more children. The study has not determined why these factors are linked to reproductive success, but it is likely that they indicate genetic, rather than environmental, effects. 'The evolution that's going on in the Framingham women is like average rates of evolution measured in other plants and animals,' says Stearns. 'These results place humans in the medium-to-slow end of the range of rates observed for other living things.'"

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