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Comment Like Windows, only odd versions of KDE are good (Score 1) 515

Jokes aside, I was a huge fan of KDE3 and I think the transition to version 4 was wrongly handled. First iterations were buggy and scared away the user base, the Oxygen theme is ugly (OK, that's a subjective reason) and it felt overall bloated. They screwed key applications like Amarok and complicated the desktop experience. I wish a project like Trinity had the same traction as MATE or Cinammon. As for kde/, it's sad, they bring me a lot of good memories. I do think they still have a chance to reinvent themselves, it's just matter of cleaning up the house and start from scratch, catching up with the new versions and branches/forks.

Right now I'm bouncing between XFCE and Openbox and I'm not looking back.

Comment People make it easy (Score 1) 112

I've already seen on LinkedIn quite a few guys posting stuff like "Hey this is a crappy Excel sheet that allegedly does what a ton of other applications already do better and for free, why don't you post your emails and I pinky promise I'll send it back to you". By the comment 10K someone says "hey, has anyone received the email?". By the comment 20K someone else says "I hope this is not a scam to harvest our email addresses. Anyway, my email is XXX".

My opinion is that they deserve it.

Submission + - Sourceforge websites down (

An anonymous reader writes: A large number of Sourceforge subdomains and projects have been offline for over 24 hours. No word from Sourceforge as to the cause of problems and denial of service. Sourceforge is a Slashdot Media site, and a sister of Slashdot. Is Sourceforge still relevant in today's open source community, or is this the last gasp of a failing museum?

Comment AsciiDoc (Score 1) 25

I didn't know it, but after visiting it, I ran into the AsciiDoc article and I'm giving it a try, I guess I'll use it to write my technical documentation since OpenOffice gets on my nerves. I don't know if it's edited by the Spaghetti Monster itself, but hey, it's always good to have a channel to get to know FOSS projects. If you don't like it, don't go there, that's all. Don't be bitter, it's Friday.

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