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Comment Third-Party Services (Score 1) 106

I'm tired of appliances that have built-in support for connecting to third-party services that can't be removed. Recently I bought a Sony streaming player, and turns out that some time ago, due to a YouTube API change, it no longer connects to it, nobody's gonna fix it and I have an icon doing nothing that I can't remove. Same with my Nokia N9: Ovi Store, broken Skype application, Nokia Music Store. The original service provider is gone and now it's all polluting the applications list and there's no a way to delete them.
What's going to happen when Amazon and Seagate decide that they're not good friends anymore or Amazon "changes its priorities"? At least they should provide a way to get rid of the crapware or install a replacement on your own, but guess what.

Comment Re:Fidel - The little bully sidekick (Score 1) 278

Soviets died in 1989 (if not before). Many other third world satellites were really dependent on the URSS and were assimilated by someone else shortly after the fall of the wall. Cuba managed to survive even being a few kilometers away from the US. Fidel has a place in History (not precisely in the dustbin) you like it or not.

Comment Resistance (Score 5, Insightful) 278

You can say anything about Fidel, but he was a tough guy. Cuba resisted bravely (if you allow me to use the term) to an enemy way bigger and more powerful for many years. Curiously, the end of the Castro era could have arrived long before if the past presidents would have used the Obama approach: Embrace, extend and extinguish. Personally, I think he chose a wrong path and became the perfect example of why communist social structures are not sustainable. "Join together to share the lack of wealth", to use Stallman's words, simply goes against human nature. RIP, anyway.

Comment Re:No, Aumented Reality is the next big thing. (Score 1) 114

VR as it is marketed (and has been all these years) may be doomed to fail due to the human-machine interfaces. I think a direct interface with the nervous system (as scary as it sounds) could be more successful making as live the experience of a virtual reality.

Comment Robots can do anything (Score 1) 278

On a long enough time line, anything can be done by robots. The thing is, I don't think we have that much of time. As others have pointed out farming involves many complicated scenarios. For example, harvesting coffee beans is a time-consuming and exhausting task that requires special care and depending on the country, the terrain and social conditions won't help at all. It's like, autonomous trucks may work nicely on an Autobahn, but I want to see that working in Thailand or Venezuela.

Comment Ah, HPE (Score 1) 57

It's not that this could not have happened to any other contractor, but HPE, like most HP itself, is walking dead and this is just another tiny nail in the coffin. It's funny when you read what Megan Whitman said about the recent merge with Micro Focus:

"They are fantastic assets," Whitman said in an interview. "They're just not core to our strategy."

Comment Re:False decisiveness. (Score 5, Insightful) 600

I don't know if this is false decisiveness, but he has to do something, be it a stunt or not. He's already getting a lot of heat from almost half of the country. He needs to consolidate and keep calm his electoral base at least. Politics, just like economy, is more about emotions than technicalities.

Comment Re:If all you have is a hammer... (Score 1) 153

Yeah, I've heard horror stories about MongoDB. My rule of thumb is, if whatever you are going to do can be done with an RDBMS without much hassle, you just go for it, it's proven and support is widely available. If your requirements demand something more exotic, try other options. Just out of curiosity, did you evaluate CassandraDB? I worked for a company that switched from MySQL to CDB. Their main product was having performance issues, but I think it was caused by database modeling mistakes rather than a db engine thing. I was a bit skeptic about the migration, but I left before I could see the results.

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