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Comment Re: FINALLY! (Score 1) 31

I'm really rooting for AMD. Some of the first computers I used had K5/K6 chips, they were good, but still outperformed by the equivalent Pentiums. Later, many AMD processors for laptops suffered overheating problems (and all the laptops I wanted had Intel processors). Even though, as you say, competition is good and I'm really looking forward to getting an AMD-powered pc in the near future if there's a good enough one around.

Comment Re:Firefox aka "the java applet browser" (Score 2) 130

Don't blame Java for this. Or at least not entirely. I think it's the application's vendor who should fix this. They should have upgraded their applications to use Java Web Start instead of NPAPI-reliant applets. Besides, you can keep the Java plugin disabled and enable it only when you're gona use it, can't you?

Comment Firmware (Score 1) 215

A few years ago, I bought an LG Optimus P920 over the hype of 3D cameras. The hardware was good, but the stock OS was slow and buggy (not to mention the lack of updates), so I decided to root it and install Cyanogenmod. The difference was impressive, however, I had to install the firmware from some obscure shared file to make the radios to work. Sorrowful, I rolled backed everything and left the stock image. A few months later I replaced it with a nice Nokia N9.

Comment Re:Are the bursts periodic? (Score 1) 50

why they would choose such a crude and limited form of communication

Actually that's pretty easy to explain. It depends on your audience. If you are targetting primitive civilizations like ours, you're not going to use an advanced type of communication, but some sort of alien Morse code (or something even simpler).

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