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Submission + - The story about Apple's iMessage frustrating law enforcement may be disinfo (techdirt.com)

snobody writes: Recently, an article was posted on Slashdot about the claim that law enforcement made about being frustrated by their inability to decrypt messages using Apple's iMessage. However, this article on Techdirt suggests that the DEA may be spewing out disinformation. As the Techdirt article says, if you switch to a new iDevice, you still are able to access your old iMessages, suggesting that Apple has the key somewhere in the cloud. Thus, if law enforcement goes directly to Apple, they should be able to get the key.

Cui Bono? The article suggests that the fraudulent story is just an angle to create an excuse for new legislation making it even easier to spy on us through our devices.

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Submission + - Net taxes proposed for internet sales, email

snobody writes: "In an article in Cnet News, Washington politicians are planning to break the moratorium on internet sales taxes amd internet access taxes, with one politician even proposing to tax email messages. The politicians make the usual complaints about lost tax revenue to state governments as a justification for repealing the ban. Small businesses with less than $5 million in out of state sales would be exempted. Not discussed is how such tax systems would be implemented. A tax on email would be a non-starter for obvious technical reasons, but that doesn't mean that the politicians would let reality get in the way of their plans."

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