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Submission + - Strong Aurora Borealis show visible in N-Hemi. (

An anonymous reader writes: An unusually strong aurora borealis show is occuring due to a geomagnetic storm related to solar activity from a few days ago.
Currently many somewhat dark locations that are often unable to see auroral activity are now able to do so — north-eastern canada, north-eastern USA, and parts of north-western Europe are currently possible viewing locations for the show. As time progresses, semi-dark areas in the west coast area of North Amreica may be able to see the show as night falls in those areas unless the show subsides, though it may also grow in magnitude at any time over night.

Comment Re:Hell Yeah (Score 1) 539

One Glearing problem with you theroy, Amazon isn't broadcasting, they're unicasting, to the registered user of the cloud drive, and only data they themselves uploaded. They are not charging money for basic service, no matter how loud you claim they are. They have a ToS that spells out exactly what they will do with your data. Do I believe they just store it and never look at it again? No that would be naive. But really what they're doing isn't a whole lot different that what dropbox does, and its exactly what Ubuntu One does. Its also what Google and Apple are planing on doing. (The difference being Amazon has enough clout/balls to not be bullied by **AA.) The rest of your analogy, while intresting only serves as a reminder of how broken that model is in TODAYS market. (if it ever really worked.) The part you left out, is when the Hollywood studio gets sued for infringement. You want to dawn you tinfoil hat and hide in the conner from Gmail, Amazon and the like, thats fine. But stomping your feet, whining about getting paid and fear mongering, only makes you look foolish at best, a sympathetic shill at worst.

Comment Re:...and pay £100,000 (Score 2) 547

Tesla simply wants Top Gear to stop rebroadcasting the particular episode and to correct the record ...The firm expects to recover not more than £100,000 in damages

Fixed that for you!

Fixed that for you! The guardian doesn't say £100,000, it says "up to" In fact the claim lists exactly what the OP says it does and the "value" is not more than £100,000. But nice try.

Comment Re:Hell Yeah (Score 1) 539

Your an idiot, Amazon isn't reselling you your music by streaming. Just giving you easy access to storage you paid Amazon for. (or storage they are offering for free.) There is no restriction on what you store there and no else has access to your storage. (baring a security breach.) For all intents and purposes Amazon is a external HDD with long range capabilities. You say you write software and don't appreciate people stealing it? based on your arguments I'd bet you consider using a VPN or remote server theft then?

Comment Re:Ugh.. (Score 1) 307

Well said, I tend to base my decisions on the platforms, not so much left or right ideals. I only brought up the greens, because they are radically different then any of the mainline parties. (and similar to the pirate party.) I think having too many parties in the race muddies the waters, and makes it difficult to form effective government. I mean this is what, three in seven years? Here's hoping no matter the outcome, they figure out a way to make it work for a full term.

Comment Re:Ugh.. (Score 1) 307

Gilles Duceppe Has done some great things for Quebec, and surprisingly the rest of Canada. By virtue of taking a stand on provincial rights in Canadian government, he have improved federal dealing for all the provinces. He's a smart well spoken man, your not the only non Quebecois would vote for him. As of late he's even relented on separatism, because his people arn't really interested at the moment. Isn't that what a good politician is supposed to do? Follow the will of the people that elected them.

Comment Re:Ugh.. (Score 5, Interesting) 307

Seeing as I'm Canadian as well I'll give up modding in this thread to say this. We have fresh blood in the green party. (witch happens to agree with a lot of what pirate parties have traditional stood for.) Win or lose, voting the party you truly have the most ideals in common with is more important than ever. In Canada each party now receives funding based on what percentage of the vote they receive. As opposed to the way it was a few years ago, where they only got funding based on the number seats they won. No vote is a throw away vote any more.

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