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Comment Learn to write... (Score 1) 121

A) Create a logical thought process B) Why unnecessarily confuse readers? C) When did Slashdot become a place for crackpot game reviews? Isn't this supposed to be a news (or something approximating it) site? D) I'm trying to figure out what you mean half the time with all your squinting modifiers... E) Why bring up OSX, which this game won't run on, or conjure up the Wii, which focuses on hand gestures when this game does not, and is an unsuitable platform for RTS...?

Comment Re:How do you debunk a myth? (Score 2, Insightful) 600

In the interest of being unhelpful: What? You're justifying the fact that this end of the world date keeps jumping ahead a few years every few years so that we're in the shadow of a perpetual end of the world? Eventually the sun will burn out and it will be true...and technically they'll be correct, but not because they actually predicted anything, just because if you stand somewhere and say something long enough, in theory it will happen. I can stand outside all summer saying 'It's going to rain today" and then "just kidding, I meant tomorrow." Eventually fall will come and one day it will rain and then...I am a prophet by your logic since you can't mix religious nutbags with scientific fact, as that would disprove them. Instead we should coddle the weak-minded fools because one day, logically, they won't be completely wrong.

Comment Re:Doom (Score 1) 427

I would say, perhaps, it may be more important to trace the roots all the way back to 1959 and the first "Video Game" which was on a computer...and go through the evolution of UNIX gaming and all that business...people love to think Atari and consoles kicked everything off, and then PC magically made a comeback in the 90s...but in reality, Atari brought the gaming that had already been invented to the homes of people for a low price. Computers were the first gaming platform and they've endured through console fads...and whoever this kid is that said "The previous 25 years of consoles before Doom..." I'd like to smack. You're dating consoles back 10 years earlier than they actually existed for one, and well into the 20 year reign of computers as the only source of video games period. So...L2History, I guess, guys, and stop giving consoles all this magical credit...they're more like leeches, sucking off the ideas of others and replicating gaming, but a lower and cheaper quality.

Comment Well... (Score 4, Insightful) 435

You all did it to yourselves. I tried to warn caution when Microsoft entered the console market, but all you people would do was hug them for Halo. They're like Wal-Mart, they move in, offer you low prices, then when the competition is smeared, they take you for everything you have. Maybe next time MegaCorp shows up and goes "I'll give you a good deal if your forsake the competition" you'll stop and go: "Hmmm...did this work out for me last time?"

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