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Submission + - Leaked Yahoo Memo Shows Yang's Take (

snib writes: "A newly-leaked memo from Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang (in his trademark all-lowercase) shows hesitation toward Microsoft's recent $44.6b bid: 'as weve said, no decisions have been made about microsofts proposal. our board is thoughtfully evaluating a wide range of potential strategic alternatives in what is a complex and evolving landscape. and weve hired top advisors to assist through the process.'"

Submission + - Hidden music discovered in Da Vinci painting (

snib writes: "An Italian musician and computer technician claims to have uncovered a hidden musical score in Leonardo Da Vinci's "Last Supper." From the article: "[This raises] the possibility that the Renaissance genius might have left behind a somber composition to accompany the scene depicted in the 15th-century wall painting. 'It sounds like a requiem,' Giovanni Maria Pala said. 'It's like a soundtrack that emphasizes the passion of Jesus.'"

Pala published this and other findings about the "Last Supper" painting in his book The Hidden Music, released in Italy Friday."


Submission + - Introducing the MOTORAZR2

snib writes: "Motorola has recently introduced the RAZR2, successor to the wildly popular RAZR V3 line. The new line consists of the V9, the V8 and the V9m, which is a slightly less impressive model for CDMA networks such as Verizon. "New features include external music controls, haptics (read: vibration) for tactile feedback when external touchscreen keys are pressed, a full HTML browser, 2 megapixel cam, the full suite of Bluetooth profiles, Windows Media Player sync, a 2-inch QVGA external display, 2.2-inch QVGA internal display, and twice the screen resolution of the original RAZR." GSM versions are on the way now and CDMA models are expected later this month."

Submission + - Optimus Keyboard Pre-Orders Start Sunday

snib writes: "Art Lebedev will release detailed specs and pricing info on their Optimus Maximus Keyboard and start taking pre-orders on May 20 at 3 PM Moscow Time (or 7 AM US Eastern Time). The OLED-topped programmable keys have drawn a lot of hype over two years or so, including on Slashdot, and Art. Lebedev, the manufacturer, even has a blog dedicated to it. However, current plans only include production of 800 units total by January."

Submission + - PlaysForSure: Microsoft's New Mobile DRM

snib writes: "This morning Microsoft announced, in addition to the new Windows Mobile 6 OS, that new PlaysForSure devices, including cell phones, will sport a new type of DRM that allows for "a more flexible way to transfer content between devices." Microsoft calls this new technology PlayReady, and says it is the answer to mobile industry pressure to make content transfer with DRM simpler. Notable supporters of this new standard include AT&T and Verizon, and Microsoft says that Windows Mobile 6 will also play a part in the new DRM's gradual acceptance."

Submission + - Over One Fifth of Windows Installs Non-Genuine?

snib writes: "Microsoft disclosed Monday that, according to reports collected by the notorious Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) tool on millions of users' PCs, 22% of all Windows installs do not pass its validation tests and have therefore been deemed non-genuine. From the article: 'Since WGA launched in July 2005, over 512 million users have attempted to validate their copy of Windows, Microsoft said. Of those, the non-genuine rate was 22.3 percent. 56,000 reports have been made by customers of counterfeit software, which grants that user a free replacement copy of Windows.'"

Submission + - Microsoft debuts MySpace-like IT site

snib writes: "Microsoft has launched Aggreg8, a "social networking and collaboration space for the IT community." Apparently, the owner of the popular open-source RSS reader of the same name sold the domains to Microsoft for $5000 in August in order to host what was then called "Microcosm." Microsoft hopes their new service, which utilizes Windows Live ID (formerly .NET Passport) authentication, will become a "MySpace-like forum for developers to share scripts, tools, or best practices, or even to just connect with others within the profession.""
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Touch-screen iPod Confirmed?

snib writes: "Several people have reported seeing a PDF document hosted on Apple's site that mentioned touch-screen iPod devices. It seems that Apple removed the reference soon after the slip was noticed, recording the change to the document in its revision log as "Updated to clarify supported models and to fix minor graphics and text errors." One user posted a screenshot of the text before it was edited."

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