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Submission + - Red Cross chapter evaluating Google Gears

MsManhattan writes: Developers at the American Red Cross chapter in Tallahassee, Florida, are among those looking to use Google's recently announced Gears open-source browser extension to create Web-hosted applications that are accessible offline. The organization needs a way to manage its volunteers database even if a disaster knocks out its Internet access. 'Google Gears would allow us to use our existing infrastructure — our off-site database — in the event of Internet connectivity failure, allowing us to continue to provide expedited service to the victims," noted a volunteer developer with the Red Cross chapter. If it works out, the local branch will pitch the application to the national organization.

Submission + - Google Traffic Maps Now Live In 30 US Cities

Unleashed2k writes: "For more than 30 major U.S. cities, you can now see up-to-date traffic conditions to help you plan your schedule and route. If you're in San Francisco, New York , Chicago, Dallas, or any of the other cities we now include, just click on the traffic button to show current traffic speeds directly on the map. If your route shows red, you're looking at a stop-and-go commute; yellow, you could be a little late for dinner; green, you've got smooth sailing. Click here for more information"

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