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Submission + - Yale Scientists Build Anti-Laser (

smyle writes: "Calling it a "coherent perfect absorber" (CPA), scientists have developed a wafer that can absorb 99.4% of the energy at a particular frequency back into heat. Take that, frickin' sharks!"

Comment Re:Best price (Score 1) 366

As yet another Scoutmaster, let me say that if they are doing things outside the "Guide to Safe Scouting" (pointed out in sibling post), you're not covered by the scouts' insurance policy. So if somebody gets hurt, BSA will deny everything, and the parent gets sue the person running the camp personally.

Comment Re:Because Texas is much better (Score 1) 275

I am also a Manhattan-area resident. (Work in Manhattan, commute due to cheap housing with a short drive.) I did some IT work for BRI (which, as you pointed out later, is a BSL-3, and can be made into a BSL-4 with some minor, but expensive, modifications). I got to go on a tour before it went live. If I'm anywhere near that building when a tornado warning hits, that's where I'm heading. It's is as close to impervious as anywhere I've ever seen.

Comment Re:here's probably what happened (Score 1) 275

I've done some IT work for the Biosecurity Research Institute - the BSL-3 "little brother" to this proposed lab in Manhattan KS, and a large reason why the committee decided to put the lab here. I guarantee you that if a tornado is heading toward this area, that's where I'm heading - it will be the safest place to be for miles around, including underground.

Comment Re:Reminds me of F22 Raptor program (Score 1) 275

In this case, having the lab in Kansas probably hurts (or at least has the potential for hurting) the members of whatever House district this thing is supposed to be located in more than NOT having it would.

Yeah, having approx. 300 full-time research jobs at $100,000+/year is *really* going to hurt the district.

Comment Re:You need to get out more... (Score 1) 675

... but they are so accustomed to the gravy train that ...

I think you've got something backwards here. My brother is a chiro, and he does accept lower prices for cash. Why? Because he doesn't have to deal with the [censored] insurance company. Dealing with cash is painless, but dealing with insurance takes almost all of his staff's time.

Comment Re:Rules? (Score 1) 315

upgrading a ground car to flight costs US$40,000

You're off by a few orders of magnitude - $39,999,999. (or maybe the last 9 was a 5). I remember first watching and hearing the 39,999 and thinking "wow, inflation" followed a split second later by "but I really guess that's not SO bad", and then he gave the extra '999' and I about choked.

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