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Submission + - Google magazine search hides a poverty of sources (

smurgy writes: "Google recently announced implementation of magazine searching.

As a professional librarian, I was interested to see what range of coverage this new functionality offered. A search found nothing, but revealed other industry professionals were asking the same questions.

This poses a problem to both librarians and non-librarians alike, as conducting research on an unscoped source will lead to hits of unverifiable quality. In this case, google books searches "a few dozen" magazine titles according to an email from "Yana" (no surname) at the Google Book Search Team (full transcript here.) Compare this to library and academic industry standard journal database Proquest Social Sciences — only one part of the Proquest offering, and listing 547 titles.

Google is free, but through public and academic libraries databases such as Proquest (of which I am in no way a representative) achieve a nearly similar coverage for virtually free. The facebook group is added as it is a method I am using to promote concern over this issue and a repository for communications with google. Slashdot readers interested in joining a more enduring facebook group may go here."

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Submission + - Intuitive youtube interface in fullscreen mode (

smurgy writes: "Browsing youtube this evening I found an interesting feature hidden in fullscreen mode; if one pushes the button just to the right of play/pause (it's not the wind-to-end button usually found) one goes to a visual map of related videos; hovering the mouse over one related video will spawn buttons for the related list to that video, as well as giving you the option to play it. While I didn't exhaustively test the feature one could spawn a number of times without any protest, and click and drag to refind icons that had gone off the edge of the map.

There's an excellent description including screenshots here."


Submission + - UK Media Studies lecturer bans web-based research (

smurgy writes: "Today I came across mention of one Tara Brabazon:

Let them read books, commands the impressively named Professor Tara Brabazon, of the University of Brighton where she is Professor of Media Studies. She says that she has banned her own students from using Wikipedia or Google as research sources, and insists they read printed texts only. In a lecture, she argues that only thus will we produce the critical thinkers that the nation needs.
Having seen Brabazon in action as a keynote conference speaker two or so years ago I was amused at her unreadable sketchy OHP sheets (why not use a snazzy animated-with-sound .pps like the rest of the pros?), intrigued by the layers of meaninglessness that revealed themselves behind the rhetoric she spoke, and appalled when I realised that I was sitting in a packed audience listening to someone brazen enough to claim the title media studies professor who felt confident to make the decision to exclude the fastest growing medium as a source of information about itself. Interesting that she's quite prepared to use the net for self-promotion..."

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