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Comment Re:boo. (Score 1) 158

Any local facilities can be nationalised. If that includes the relevant factory then it makes no difference where the head office is.

Drugs companies often have more than one product, and few of them are the only alternative. A government can prevent them doing any business in their country at all. It can set up a lab to make the drugs itself, or hire another company to do it.

However, in the UK at least, they tend not to take the muscular approach and I believe there have occasionally been cases where the relevant committee has decided that a particular drug has a poor cost/benefit ratio, and the company has not made sufficient concessions, so that drug is not available on the NHS.
Apart from the few directly affected this is not a source of public outrage against the NHS. People know who the villains are.

Comment Re:There are only four programs that matter (Score 1) 249

we don't pay enough in taxes to cover those programs today. We certainly can't afford to cut taxes when last year we borrowed $600 billion

Government programs are not paid for by taxes or borrowing. They are paid for by spending new money.

The purposes of tax are:
1) Create demand for the government's money.
2) Withdraw excess money from the economy.
3) Discourage undesirable economic activity (vices).

The purposes of borrowing are:
1) Control interest rates.
2) Provide banks and other wealthy entities with welfare.

Taxes and spending should be varied according to the needs of the economy and society, they do not need to match.
Borrowing should be replaced with interest paid on bank reserves.

Comment Re:governments (Score 1) 360

What kind of social support do you think would enable high immigration and still enable integration?

Language and civics classes. Teach people what kind of country they have come to, which behaviours are expected and which are unacceptable.

Rather than let new people head straight to their ethnic ghetto and forget about them, spread them out across the country and help them find homes and jobs, or start businesses, in those places. Don't let ghettos develop.

Comment Re:No need for backdoors (Score 1) 360

The problem was leftist control of a council where them hamstrung themselves so tightly that they were ignoring child rape
cases in case they offended a minority group

The problem was that police and officials had been trained badly so they wrongly believed that arresting criminal immigrants would be 'racist' and therefore shouldn't be done. That they could get this impression suggests to me that everyone involved, including the 'diversity' trainers, was a stupid bigot.

Comment Re:wars destroy wealth (Score 1) 516

If you know of a way a government can pay for itself without collecting taxes or taking natural resources from the people (or simply descending into anarchy), I would love to hear your solution.

Money is created by the government. It must spend (or give) it out before it can collect it back in tax.
Follow that logic and you will have discovered Modern Monetary Theory.

Comment Re:How "indirect" was the use? Was SF just a proxy (Score 4, Interesting) 123

Out of curiosity, what OSS options are out there that offer the breadth of functionally that either SAP or Salesforce do?

I'm not familiar with either SAP or Salesforce feature sets but if you are seriously considering them you should look at Odoo first. You could use that, hire half a dozen full-time programmers to tweak it and still come out ahead. It is also more likely to be useful out of the box than SAP.
If that's not open-sourcey enough there is also Tryton which was forked from an early version of Odoo. Not as many features, but some technical improvements. Odoo modules should be fairly easy to port if they have the right licence.

Comment Labor Market Participation (Score 1) 441

This is part of an experiment to see what happens to people's participation in the labor market after they've been guaranteed a certain amount of money.

Generally people don't "participate in the labor market" because there is an insufficient supply of suitable jobs. BIG is unlikely to increase supply much, though some recipients may be enabled to become self-employed.
An alternative program is to guarantee jobs to anyone who wants one. Bill Mitchell compares the two ideas here.

Comment Re:Not the only thing we've lost. (Score 1) 279

What I don't see is how puritanical Christian ideals are synonymous with morality.

I reckon there are two kinds of morality, which I call 'ethics' and 'morals'.

Ethics is a largely self-consistent system of guidance for social behaviour, more or less logically derived from the Golden Rule and other human considerations.

Morals is a rag-bag of prejudices, tribal customs, and rules arbitrarily selected from an old book which was allegedly dictated to some bronze age barbarians by their invisible sky-daddy.

Moralists often are not even aware of the existence of ethics.

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