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Comment Re:Exchange and Outlook ... hard to maintain... (Score 0) 63

Google Apps is great, until Google decides to remove a key feature and replace it with an updated feature at some undisclosed time in the futura, ala Google Docs offline suite that used to work great with Gears. It's also been my experience that Google doesn't really seem to understand what "enterprise" support is. "oh, gmail is down in that part of the US, it will be back soon, thanks for using Google." Finally, you also need to hope Google doesn't piss off any other countries, like they did with China, forcing my company to add more VPN capability to access GMail from China. I have an email from a Google VP assuring me that Google would work hard to make sure that it's services would remain available in China without a VPN. Recent calls to Google support about connectivity issues...are basically "sorry, it's not our fault, use a VPN, we can't/won't help you. Thanks for using Google, this support incident will be closed"

Comment Re:So what they're really saying is... (Score 0) 373

There's plenty of gang violence and shootings in SF, including the fallout from drivebys like the German tourist last year. Don't forget the crazy homeless guys shitting on the street, yelling at you, or assaulting you. It was also the first time I saw someone doing crack on the sidewalk in the middle of a saturday afternoon.

Comment Re:Not just Apple (Score 0) 337

Not my experience with Android. Isn't it just a matter of going to Settings-->Applications and checking the "unknown sources" box? My Thinkpad tablet already had it checked and was preinstalled with the Lenovo App store (and Lenovo App store apps like Quill) and I was able to just install the Amazon app store. No hackers involved.

Comment Re:Found it (Score -1, Flamebait) 193

Those are EFFECTIVE tax rates, that means that Apple is not paying 24% of their total profits. Taxes are tiered, if you make $A, then you pay the X% tax rate, if you pay $A+$B, then you pay still pay the X% on A, and you pay the increased tax rate of Y% on $B, and so on up. The statement that "apple paid less than 10% of its profits" could be correct, assuming that the 10% is the total tax paid on Apple's total profit.

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