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Comment Keep it real! (Score 1) 319

I just saw West Side Story on the 29th and the one comment I made to those I talked to about the performance was how great the orchestrated music sounded. Not the actor/actresses or how well they did, not the set design (which was in hindsight pretty cool), not the lighting or our seats (nosebleed). From our seats, we watched the timpani player (with some other percussive pieces) and were amazed that he could sit there for 5 minutes, play a few rolls and sit back until the next fusilade.

Comment On purpose? (Score 2, Interesting) 274

I take security very seriously but have purposely left my wi-fi accessible to whoever would want to use it. Instead of password protecting the wireless link, I made sure that the access point was secure and isolated from the rest of my network. Want some free wi-fi? Come and use mine for free!

Comment Re:HP didn't make the list? (Score 1) 430


I loved my Vega - though I replaced it's wimpy straight-4 with a Monza V-6 and made extensive modifications to the rest of the car. Actually, it seemed like it was never quite done but perhaps we all just have a soft spot for our first car ... never mind;)

P.S. At least it wouldn't explode if hit from behind!


Submission + - What Are Your Work Technology Replacement Rates?

smoyer writes: "My son asked the following question over on LinkedIn and didn't get anywhere near enough responses for a statistically valid analysis. I'm betting that the Slashdot crowd is much more willing to talk about their newest technology. So ... can you all prove me right? Thanks ...


This is Steve's son, Seth and I'm working on a project for my AP Statistics class and I need to get some people to answer these questions so I can find out how often people replace their electronic devices. I would appreciate as many responses as possible. It's not very long, and I'll be posting the results as soon as I'm done analyzing the data.

1. Have you replaced the following electronic devices in the past 1 year? (Only those for your personal use).

Desktop PC (or Mac): ______times.
Laptop PC (or Mac) : ______times.
Cell Phone/PDA/Smartphone ______times.

How long ago (if ever) did you switch from having a separate PDA and cell phone (or only one of the two) to having a Smartphone? ____________

What best describes the nature of your job?

Hardware Engineer/Technician/Architect
Software Engineer/Architect
Network Engineer/Technician/Architect
Information Technology

What dollar amount do you think your new equipment cost in the last year?


What was the primary reason for replacement?

That's all... Thanks for participating! I should have the results in a few days, provided enough people respond.

Thanks again,

-Seth Moyer"

Submission + - In Pennsylvania, SPAM = e-Business (

smoyer writes: "I'm ashamed to say that tomorrow, from 2:00 PM until 3:15 PM Eastern Time, my state is sponsoring a seminar on how to profit from spamming the general public. It seems to me that the only appropriate response is for all responsible netizens to register their complaints via the organization's official e-mail address."

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