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Comment Isn't magic the reason for the iPhone selling (Score 0) 1010

This is not at all surprising, Apple magic is exactly what made everyone goo goo about the iPhone as well. if the oroginal iPad has a camera they will not have any major new feature for the next version that comes out 9 months later. the iPhone had some basic efunctionality missing but they include more functionality every new release, makes people buy the new product. It's not like they couldn;t put all the features in the original release, thats the genius of Stevo.

Comment Backward methodolgy (Score 1, Interesting) 501

This does not make sense. If the network cannot handle the load, improve the network would be the right call to make. Making users use the network is thinking backwards. What if the same solution was applied to all enterprise apps. Oh The performance of the app is suffering because too many users are using it at the same time. Lets charge the users who are using it, or ration the app out to different departments based of priority. Whaaaat? If AT&T wants to prove that it is not their network that is the problem, they shoulld let Verizon have a go at the iPhone and see if it crumbles their network too.

Comment Re:How hard is it? (Score 0) 275

You need to ask a sharepoint administrator how great the product is. On a small scale one department, personal etc it is good, but i do not think it is meant for the enterprise yet. The worst feature is searching, and security is a concern. I must say that it is more intuitive to use then a lot of people here are saying. And some dumba$$ was saying it does not work on non IE browsers. I use FF to browse sharepoint sites and have not had any big issues.

Comment Re:bah, sharepoint. (Score 0) 275

It is an oxymoronic situation. You create a content store so to avoid silos of information in the organization, namely files stored in folders on the network. Then every department goes ahead and creates its own content store siloing the information that was meant to be shared in the first place. Also I do not understand why and how the author of TFA compares Sharepoint to GNU, or for that matter Linux. There are several competent Open source CMS, alfresco for one does a very good job. If your going to pay cash for a system, Documentum or Open Text are far more evolved than Scarepoint.

Comment Products not bought by admin (Score 0) 461

The interesting thing admins forget is that they do not pay for the product. And they do not get paid or taken out for dinners to buy the product. For Admins that are disgruntled with the product purchased I bet the company can find another 100 admins to replace. Well in all fairness all CIOs are replaceable too. I have seen it happen. If you cant buy them, go by them...

Comment Re:Google: Lowering standards for the rest of us (Score 0) 244

I agree with the general argument however in this case it still stands that No Personal email was shared on Exchange. However moving email to google compromised certain mail boxes. 22 or 2200 or 22000 its the same thing, ask the student whose mailbox was compromised. Also why is supporting google Insightful but speaking to the face Score 0. Looks like one sided modding.

Comment 1/3 of a million employees (Score 0) 331

Way to go IBM. But I am guessing that the support staff is going to have a huge job on their hands. Nice to see a big company take the plunge of moving out of M$ Office. I like the statement in TFA that they are just practicing what they preach and not doing the switch to save on license fees ROFL.... I like the idea but there is no need make saints out of IBM. B U T is in the I of the Bee Holder

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