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Comment So the build it cheap and say sorry later (Score 3, Interesting) 472


We never did see this coming, They build a cheap phone(y) (what was it again, 180 dollar to build?), sell it for triple the price and as usual everyone camps out at the iChurch to buy it. Sorry but you deserve to be cheated! Only drawback is that apple gets so much money.

Now buy a paper map to point you at the iSun, the big purple customer experience in the sky, so high you think it is Steve looking out over you, his sheep. /rant mode off, sorry, bad hair day ^^

Comment Re:Tim cook will make a good replacement (Score 1) 471

The issue here is that Steve IS behind most of the designs. He is the one that pushes the products according to his wishes. No, when Steve leaves i predict a very hard time for Apple, it will not stay the same at all. I would expect a number of products lined up but that's about it.

It is not my favorite brand, i'll be honest about that, too expensive and way too much hyping but i do hope he gets better, looks like he had no other options so looks like bad news indeed.

Comment loss of control (Score 1) 498

A company should always be in control of their own IT infrastructure, software, security etc. Give that away and you lose your stability and probably your precious data.

In any case, most companies have a 3 year replacement plan of the desktops etc. Looking at the software that you use, a bit of Word, Excel, mail, your computer has been fast enough for many years now.

Comment Re:skip soldier - shooting never a solution (Score 1) 275

Shooting people is never a solution. Here is a person that is betrayed by his own country on ethics, moral and honesty.

As a response he chooses with great risk to bring these out for the public to see.

The response by this goverment alone, by starting the smear campaign etc. is proof alone there is something rotten going on.

Try to imagine the thoughts, choices and feelings that soldier must have had and still has for making that choice? Maby shooting would be a relief, can't imagine he's too happy.

Please don't call for shooting people, this is devolutionairy behavior.

Comment Re:How about: less people (Score 1) 760

In addition to that, we consume way too much / person. Look at the number for obese people.

I like to highlight a Japanese custom, if i am remembering correctly. Eat until you are like 70% full instead of eat till you are filled completely.

Also Japan is one of the few countries that have a sorta ecological balans, for example the use of trees (chopping them down etc.). The number stays stable. In contradict with many other countries where we eat / burn / use as much as we can. Resources are limited, we all know it, act like it!!

Comment Re:PC players are more clannish (Score 1) 387

I have been online for 2 decades now.
I like fragging clankids that shout too loud
They start to scream to their buddies i use h3cks
I don't use h3cks, i can aim well.

It's no requirement to be part of clans to have fun in a shooter trust me:)

It is sad that there are ppl that find it needfull to cheat in multiplayer games, there are some good counter systems but it's unfortunate that its needed

No cheats on PS3? They legalised the biggest cheat: aimbot, little skill needed there.
wasd + mouse, only thing you need

btw, 32 players on PC games, more mayhem, more fun!


Comment oil is well, nothing to see (Score 1) 423

Here we go again...

i can still remember all the companies telling they are taking realy good precautions and spend sooo much money on safety and quality....

Wanna bet who will pay the bill for the loss of their revenue?

Let's see how they'll spin it this time /sarcasm mode idle

Comment Stop looking (Score 3, Insightful) 344

Since Firefox and Adblock (/ghostery) has been around i wonder why people still spent all the energy on adds. As long as you look, click, discuss, hate, love them they have the desired effect and the money flows. Just /ignore / block as Spam is here to stay.

If a site is too intrusive there are most likely 10-100 alternatives to visit. Rather spend my time on that.

Enjoy this not so intrusive /. website where we can even turn the spam off (hear hear! :)

Comment corp deadlines vs creative (Score 1) 422

Maby redundant but looking at what i personally like and dislike,

I like well thought through games like Oblivion, X3, borderlands etc. where you can see the builders enjoyed making it and took the time.

I very much dislike fast ports from console to pc, most EA games that are halfbaked, not ready, very short, litle replay and lack imagination.

(On both sides there are exceptions of course)

When you put creative builders under pressure it kills imagination imo. The games are seen as fastfood now, calculated to what we accept minimally to spend money on "even 12 hours gameplay!(more like 8)" like Singularity whereas an Oblivion has 100+ hours in the box and many more with replay, mods etc. Singularity was more expensive too.

message to the companies, start making actual games....

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