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Comment Re:remote control disablement = stealing (Score -1) 258

I understand your argument very well, but:
1. If I buy a pair of shoe in India, it won't stop working when I get home
2. Valve could have avoided all this and simply accepted the keys. If everyone was buying their games in India, they would not make money anyway - instead of only some people.

And finally - if I read "India only" on a game box, I will set my Steam settings to "India". Problem solved - heck, even US games can work now.
XBox (Games)

Submission + - The Xbox 360 get its own LiveCD

eZtaR writes: The guys over at the Free60 project have released a working, gentoo-based linux live cd for the xbox 360. Sporting the gnome desktop and various applications such as Firefox and Evolution, one can pop the CD in and enjoy ones triplecore powerpc doing simpler tasks such as checking up on the latest news here on slashdot. Although it lacks features such as sound and hardware acceleration (which the developers blame on lack of hardware-docs) it's currently working on firmware versions 4532 and 4548, without risking breaking your warranty.

Submission + - World's First: One Trillion Pixel Image writes: is reporting on the world's first tetrapixel image developed by the leader in digital pathology technologies, Aperio Inc. Even more impressive than this trillion pixel image of breast cancer tissue, is the fact that Aperio has made an unprecedented move when it opened its brand new digital pathology imaging file format to the open source software community!

Submission + - Stunning Development! PC World hates Apple!

mattatwork writes: "According to Wired, senior editor Harry McCracken suddenly quit after a draft article in PC World about the 10 things they hate about Apple was initially suppressed by company CEO Colin Crawford (who knows Steve Jobs on a personal basis). What seemed like a simple dispute over an article turned out to be an overall issue of the Editor in chief clashing with the CEO over the final say in what goes down in the magazine. When questioned about it in a meeting, Crawford asserted he would have final say (see update to Wired). Is this censorship or was McCracken overreacting?"

Submission + - Holllywood Trying to Starve Canadian Pirates

KenAndCorey writes: "From an article on the CTV News web site, Warner Brothers has decided it won't be giving Canadians previews of its summer blockbusters.

Citing a failure by the government of Canada to make illegal the recording of movies directly from the screen by camcorder, the studio will not issue advance screenings of such audience pleasers like "Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix" and "Ocean's 13."
This is total crap, as we already know that the Canadian Movie Piracy Claim is Mostly Fiction. But as is the norm in Canada, we try to make it sound like it's not as bad as it may first appear. Douglas Frith of the Canadian Motion Pictures Distributors Association says,

We're not looking at the individuals who go in for fun to camcord a film in a theatre. It's organized crime. People are going in, they get paid between $5,000 to $7,000 for a very good copy of a film."
Well, not yet, anyway."

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