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Comment Re:Not true that fighting back doesn't work. (Score 5, Insightful) 320

I was doing due diligence on a computer security firm once who had be subject to a DDoS blackmail attack, you know, give us $5,000 or will we will keep your web site down. Well they back traced the control to some cyber cafe in eastern Europe and worked with the State Department to actually get the local police to go in and arrest the people involved.

If someone is actively hacking you then hacking them back isn't a crime (or it shouldn't be) its just self defense. And if you have to hire some firm to do it I don't see how it is any different than hiring armed security guards or private detectives.

If the law says you can't defend yourself from someone trying to ruin your business then the law is an ass.

Equal to "If someone breaks into your home, you should be able to break into their home."

Comment Re:What's the problem with building self-sustainin (Score 1) 248

A certain group considers it a waste of money for the government. Ignoring the fact the NASA at it's peak allows billion in revenue to go back to the government. But some people don't want to understand anything about long term payoff, spin-off, and the fact that they create cutting edge industries.

This is what happens when non scientific and ignorant people get equal say how the government works.

And yes, I DO believe people without a fundamental understanding of science shouldn't be allowed to participate in the government. Same with people who can't do intermediate algebra.

I agree with your sentiment, but define "ignorant". Ignorance is subjective. Not everyone is scientific. Some people actually believe that reiki is legit and that believe Tim Ferriss actually knows what he is talking about. But these ignorant people are nothing compared to what ignorance was 50 years ago, or 100 years ago. Please codify (as in law, not C) a definition of ignorance that will be useful in 10 years, and then 100 years.

Comment Re:Yah You Know, CEOs (Score 5, Informative) 393

They pay them billions of dollars to look pretty and play golf. Ellison's the prettiest. And he smells like pie. If they really wanted to know anything about Java, they should have asked an Oracle employee who makes a immeasurably miniscule fraction of Ellison's salary.

Actually, Ellison's annual salary is 1$, no joke. He is paid in stock to avoid income taxes.

Comment Re:YSOD? (Score 2) 360

So it is an ASP.NET app? Seriously, override application_error in the global.asax, and just send the emails with detailed error dumps and messages straight to you, in real time.

Also, you should look into over-riding other "events" in the global.asax to help with general reporting of app usage while in alpha and beta phase. (also, do you guys have a senior developer, pretty ridiculous you have to ask slashdot this...)

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