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Comment Re:Hillary Supporters End Game? (Score 1) 429

I worry also that people vastly underestimate how much Rs dislike/hate Hillary

It's not hard to imagine Donnie v Hillary where people get out to vote against Hillary (and down-ticket candidates) while the ones who would have voted for Bernie stay home or if they do get out, they don't vote for her.

Way too many people are way too certain that there is no way Donnie will have a chance, and I fear they're shooting themselves, the country, and the world in the foot because of that.

Comment what about the Bernie Bros, themselves ? (Score 3, Interesting) 429

Not to say that real ones don't exist, but I've long been skeptical about the super-misogynistic Bernie Bros and (without getting overly conspiratorial) they've just felt false-flag to me.

Reading this makes me wonder if I wasn't just being silly thinking that.

Regardless of that and whether or not it has anything to do with the story, I follow a few pro-Clinton people who seem to have an almost clinical compulsion to attacking Bernie (ironically typically about how negative he and his supporters are)

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