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Comment Re:Students will complain (Score 1) 419

Mine tended cost around $50-120 and if you sold it back in mint condition you might get half of that back.

It sounds like you used the university's book store. Most offer similarly horrible buyback deals. Don't do that. Boycott the campus book store. Buy used online, sell used online. Except for when a new edition just came out, you end up coming pretty close to breaking even.

Comment Re:Mr. Newell would disagree with you. (Score 1) 399

They they should make some explicit, legally binding agreement like the agreement between KDE and Trolltech that guaranteed Qt would be released under a BSD-type license if Trolltech (or someone who bought Trolltech) ever turned Qt proprietary. This protects against situations like bankruptcy, which might now allow Gabe to do whatever he wants.

Comment Re:Ruby (Score 1) 338

"Academics" is a broad category. And "academics" is far removed from "most people". FWIW, in my academic experience (computational biology), none of my labmates use any Microsoft programming languages. Various people at various times have used C, C++, Perl, Python, PHP, and MATLAB. No ruby.

Comment Re:Ubuntu users have more problems (Score 1) 382

I can understand that poor people might be less likely to use Google, thus skewing the results. But I doubt there are large socioeconomic differences between users of various distros like there are between citizens of different countries and members of different religions. The problem is that more people use Ubuntu, so more people have problems with Ubuntu.

Comment Re:More important issues (Score 1) 529

For example: Assange claimed for years, Wikileaks contributors are protected by the Swedish law, he even threatened to sue anyone who tried to expose a Wikileaks source.

Source? I don't remember that, and it's hard to Google for his past opinions on the matter due to recent developments.

Comment Re:I'm not all that worried (Score 2, Interesting) 204

It is possible that On2 didn't join MPEG-LA so they could be patent trolls later. If so, it would be ironic that their patents would then be used for good by Google.

Similarly, it is also possible that On2 didn't join MPEG-LA so that they would be more attractive to being bought be another company who wanted to acquire patents on some part of H.264.

I have no idea how likely either scenario is, but they don't seem totally implausible.

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