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Comment Re:Garmin Edge 305 + Sport Tracks (Score 1) 188

Another second here for Garmin + SportTracks.

I have had the Garmin Edge 305 for nearly a year and it's great. Though i've now got 2 "not completely functional" cadence/wheel speed sensors which I need to deal with.

SportTracks caches the google map tiles locally too, so even if your offline you can still see the maps for the areas you've been before (assuming you do alot of riding around your normal area).

And for sharing data online, Garmin Connect (formally MotionBased, and now free) is really good. It lets you show off how awesome you are.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Have Pictures of French Fries? You're a Terrorist!

Complain Here writes: "What would've been an innocent story about how someone's nephews loved the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry's "Ferry Fries" turned bizarre when the ship's crew threatened a passenger with arrest for taking pictures of their food. Frederick A. Hall, vice president and general manager of the ferry company was unrepentant, however, and said that the threat of arrest over three pictures showing children with fries and the food counter was justified because "there have been past incidents where possible acts of terrorism have been threatened." Clearly, this can only mean that terrorists are working on Weapons of Fat Destruction, which pose a grave threat to the American Way."

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