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Comment It's not for the users (Score 1) 139

This isn't about app curation or walled gardens. For a long time Google has been removing apps from the app store, flagging developer accounts, and in some cases killing entire developer accounts. The process has been completely one sided with small developers having little recourse and very little understanding as to why their app was banned. They're only recourse was to guess as to what was wrong, make a change to the app, and upload it under a new id (losing all the comments, ratings, history, users) of the app. This all at the risk they they were wrong about why the app was banned in which case it would just get banned again bringing them closer to having their developer account shut down. This appears to be a move to help those developers, who have been really screaming about this for some time. I hope that's what this is.

Comment Re:The greatest thing we can do for society (Score 1) 990

You're so right. Because all the worst slums are filled with people who have all their basic needs met and no longer have a need to work. It's certainly not the case that those people have a distinct lack of the basic essentials for a stable life.

People don't need work. People need food, water, education, freedom... Work is generally a means to get the needs, not a need in of itself.

Comment The greatest thing we can do for society (Score 1) 990

The greatest thing we can do for society would be to eliminate the need for jobs. While it may sound cruel (and probably would have some transitional issues) striving to put everybody out of a job is a vastly noble endeavor.

It would be amazing what we could do if we were free to do anything or nothing at all.

Comment Re:This can be fixed. (Score 1) 585

We already have a close proxy to this with the gas tax. The weight of a vehicle is a large determinator of it's fuel efficiency. I have a mini-van (that probably weighs closer to an SUV than a small car) but it's rarely driven. It certainly doesn't cause 16x the road wear that my small car does as it's not driven nearly as often. My motorcycle gets the most milage put on it as that is my commute vehicle.

Comment Re:Public Performance (Score 2) 189

That's pretty much what the judge said, however his logic is highly suspect. In order to say it was a public performance he basically said because people are part of the public it is public. From the ruling.

Customers watching one of Plaintiffs’ Copyrighted Works on their computer through Zediva’s system are not necessarily watching it in a “public place,” but those customers are nonetheless members of “the public.” .... The non-public nature of the place of the performance has no bearing on whether or not those who enjoy the performance constitute “the public” under the transmit clause.

So watching a movie in the privacy of your own home is now a public performance.

Comment Re:Obstruction? (Score 1) 203

Your information on grenades is a bit outdated. Old style 'pineapple' grenades throw off significant fragmentation. Most modern 'frag' grenades (at least those used by military) have a much higher explosive payload and vaporize most of the outer shell on detonation. It's the concussion wave that the primary lethal force. There are some fragments, but they are not likely to kill anybody, just wound.

Comment Really? (Score 1) 155

Scathing critiques, building of allies and preparation for WAR!!!11!1!!

Because 'Scientists question results of experiment, suggest other possible conclusions and additional tests' doesn't pull enough eyeballs? And we all know there's nothing we need more than over the top sensationalism in the news.

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