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Submission + - Hardware designers could fall in love with LG G5? (

smaxp writes: Before dismissing the G5’s modularity take a fresh look at it. For the moment just suspend your disbelief about modularity or pretend that modularity wasn’t announced. It is a beautifully executed flagship phone designed and produced by one of the best mobile shops in the world.

Submission + - Open Compute Project's Telco Project could transform the IoT, driverless cars

An anonymous reader writes: The chief of Germany's 5G Lab Dr. Frank Fitzek explains how ultra-fast, ultra-low-latency 5G will use commodity hardware to control driverless cars and billions of IoT devices.

Generally, Dr. Fitzek sees the OCP Telco Project to be a strategic initiative to move the cloud closer to the network's edge, where apps can be built to perform complex functions. It is a telecom-specific platform, combining Network NFV and SDN. He sees many more types of apps than the classic policy management use cases in technical literature that explain SDNs. He predicts an Internet of Things (IoT) with apps at the network edge that control autonomous vehicles and other types of autonomous devices, including robots, drones, and farm equipment.

Submission + - With new startup, Check Point Software co-founder bets on perimeter-less securit (

smaxp writes: The launch of cloud security startup Cato Networks by cybersecurity expert Shlomo Kramer reminded me of the episode of USA's Mr. Robot when Elliot Alderson explains why he chose his healthcare provider – limited security budget and limited security staff let him break through the perimeter defenses and change his medical record to cover up his lifestyle. In the real world, though, cyber threats are scaling faster than enterprises can respond. Like Elliot, Kramer is counting on enterprises with limited security staff and budgets turning to his new venture for end-to-end, perimeter-less security.

Submission + - Pioneer's Android Auto-compatible head unit bridges convenience an safety (

smaxp writes: Smartphone UIs are designed to capture hours of consumers’ attention, whereas the Android Auto UI is designed to keep the users’ eyes on the road as much as possible. Android Auto with a Pioneer AVH-4100NEX after-market head unit gives car owners the latest integration of smartphones and cars. The term “head unit” is auto industry jargon for car stereo or infotainment system.

Upgrading is really a decision to add smartphone safety and convenience to the car. Android Auto not only makes the smartphone’s data and apps available on the car’s head unit, it is designed to minimize the distraction that it would be to access information like contacts, music, or navigation.

Submission + - DARPA researchers to push the limits of reading and writing human brain neurons (

smaxp writes: The applications for a brain computer interface (BCI) at this point is speculative. Achieving the project goal would significantly extend scientists’ ability to understand how the brain works, and would enable high-fidelity control of robotic limb and high-resolution electronic vision prosthetics. The report didn't provide any reason for a normal person to accept such an adaption, but this research would certainly be a game-changing development in human-computer interfaces and virtual reality.

Submission + - Virtual reality venture Magic Leap raises $793.5 million (

smaxp writes: Magic Leap's demo must be amazing, because investors wrote another check, bringing the total of three rounds invested to $1.4 billion.

One of the few people who has spoken publicly about a Magic Leap demo is the MIT Technology Review's Rachel Metz. Here is how she She described her experience:

"Logically, I know there isn't a hulking four-armed, twisty-horned blue monster clomping in circles in front of me, but it sure as hell looks like it It's an early prototype of the company's so-called cinematic-reality technology, which makes it possible for me to believe that the muscular beast with the gruff expression and two sets of swinging arms is actually in the room with me, hovering about seven feet in front of my face."

Submission + - Facebook to shutter Parse: Where do developers go now? (

smaxp writes: Whatever plans Parse developers had for new features are now canceled, as developers need to stop, choose another Mobile Back End as a Service (MBaaS), and start recoding. On the heels of this announcement, development teams everywhere are discussing alternatives today.

For sure Facebook's huge community of platform app developers and contributors to its many open source projects will be watching how the Parse shutdown is managed.

Submission + - Will Apple's rumored 4-inch 'iPhone 5se be a premium or value-priced smartphone? (

smaxp writes: A newly designed, low-cost iPhone as described by +9to5Mac doesn't ring true with Apple's history. Apple experimented and failed with the value-priced iPhone 5c, which its loyal fans seemed to regard as "not really an iPhone." There's clearly something important in the report , but its a premium priced iPhone. I don't think that Apple is ready to through in the towel and build a value priced new phone to compete with cheaper Android phones.

Submission + - In Davos, experts predict Uber-like disruption in other industries (

smaxp writes: There is an important lesson to be learned from each generation of digital disruption. Like Airbnb, the leading search engine Google, leading social network Facebook, and leading video platform YouTube have limited competition, making platforms a high-stakes, winner-takes-all game. Every company facing digital transformation runs the risk of losing relevance and becoming redundant in a future consolidated by platforms.

Submission + - Netflix will have trouble blocking VPNs used to stream blocked content (

smaxp writes: International subscribers want access to the larger US Netflix catalog of videos that Netflix threatens to block. The subscribers will succeed using a growing arsenal of privacy and anti-censorship technologies created to protect freedom of speech and political dissents in repressive countries.

Submission + - Leaks and rumors suggest Samsung's Galaxy S7 will challenge the iPhone 6s (

smaxp writes: Mobile fans and followers mark the seasons with Samsung's announcements of its new flagship Galaxy S phone, at Mobile World Congress in February, and Apple's iPhone announcements in September. As each announcement approaches, the leaks and rumors surface and ripple throughout the news and social media.

Instead of adding a ripple with another report, greater clarity may come from a look at the rumors as a whole to gauge what Samsung is trying to accomplish.

Submission + - Google details its vision for the IoT (

smaxp writes: Sensors, low power low frequency low cost networks and IoT operating systems are table stakes to play in IoT. Google's offerings at this level is compelling but more so is the long term investments in machine learning, geolocation and cloud services that developers can apply to building a really large and intelligent IoT.

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