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Comment Re:Are linux adverts still bad adverts? (Score 1) 535

Yes it has always been a linux fanboy site. But it used to actually acknowledge technical excellence where applicable. Now it's changed hands, it's just basically "shit on anything not Linux" whether or not it's good or not. And attempt to spin any flaw in Linux as much as possible.

Comment Re:Apps, Apps and more Apps (Score 1, Insightful) 535

It didn't happen through the 90s when Apple were completely adrift, and it won't happen now. The quality of the Linux desktop has not really changed since the late 90s, no matter how much various teams try to make it look like macOS. The same problems with audio, wifi, VPNs, wake from sleep, GPUs, and loading things reliably from network shares within applications still exist.

Comment Re:Are linux adverts still bad adverts? (Score -1, Troll) 535

Why bother? This place has gone severely downhill in recent years. It's gone from being an actual news source for people in the industry to basically a linux fanboi circle jerk for shitting on Apple or Microsoft as much as possible.

Look at my UID. I barely bother to log in here any more and rarely even open the site any more because there's nothing here of value any more. If i wanted to read idiots just basically trying to crap on hardware they've never used, i'd go read phoronix.

Comment Re: Are linux adverts still bad adverts? (Score 2) 535

Have still yet to find a competing laptop that gives me real world 10 hour battery life in the same form factor as my macbook pro retina 13". Have still to find a competing machine with a trackpad worth shit. I'll pay the apple tax, gladly, for these things. MacOS is gravy.

Comment Re:Visual Studio RT? No. (Score 2) 182

The big selling point for Microsoft is that Windows will run all your busted old shit. So more busted old shit is constantly created and ported to the current MS platform to become the new 'busted old shit' that people need to be able to run on new machines.

Until this cycle can be broken, there is zero incentive for microsoft to fully commit to any new architecture, as their major selling point will go away.

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