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Comment Re:Header files are like phone books (Score 1) 155

Again, I'm not voicing any opinion on whether there IS an infringement here--I'm not a lawyer (are you?)
Point is, once you've distributed code under a particular license, your intentions stop & the license takes over. If you don't like how it pans out, well, you should have chosen a different license. As I already stated, it still takes someone with an enforceable copyright to do anything about it. But this notion that the legal opinion of programmers is worth more than the legal opinion of lawyers is just wishful thinking.

Comment Re:Header files are like phone books (Score 1) 155

Torvalds isn't a lawyer. He has no idea what constitutes a GPL infringement. His intentions are irrelevant--the code's licensed under the GPL, so an infringement's an infringement whether he likes it or not. I'm not saying in this case there IS any infringement--I'm not a lawyer, either. And it'd still take someone with some claim to copyright to make anything of it anyway. But Torvalds' (& other devs) views are essentially irrelevant here.

Submission + - Is Google targeting Firefox? 1

arglebargle_xiv writes: As of about two weeks ago, Google searches carried out from Firefox are returning meta redirects that require manually clicking through every search result in order to reach your target. In doing this Google is specifically targeting Firefox and no other browser (switching your user agent to anything other than Firefox gets rid of the problem). Presumably switching to Chrome would also resolve the issue. Could this targeting of Firefox be because it's Google's main competitor in the open-source browser market?

Comment Freedom (Score 1) 522

> with Gnome, or if sufficient memory, KDE

OK, but with a lightweight window manager it's blazingly fast--on Windows you don't get a choice.

That said, it's not all about the DE--Kubuntu crawls compared to Slackware, for example, both with KDE--too much background bloat. (And here again, Windows doesn't give you a great deal of choice.)

Best computer upgrade? Freedom.

Comment 'copy', not 'take out' (Score 1) 102

'takeout' implies that you, like, take the data out--you don't, you get to have a copy of it--whoo hoo, you get to have a copy of your own data
as long as google get to keep the data, too, there's nothing being /taken out/ and until you can actually take your data all the way out--until you can log in to a service which shows all the data google have on you and lets you delete it as you see fit--their claims to be privacy-respecting are hot air

Comment Re:Not in TFA: It has a 12-foot raised floor (Score 1) 116

the situation singular? "EDS has been involved in a parade of government IT failures, budget overruns and data losses in recent years, including but not limited to the National Offender Management Information Service, the tax credits system, the Defence Information Infrastructure and the Child Support Agency." (the register)
it took them years to actually stump up the £71.25mil to the govt after the tax creds disaster and even then only on condition of further govt contracts
the parliamentary committee investigating their effed up ministry of defence system described it as 'catastrophic' and their mistakes as 'truly reprehensible'
as for corruption, there's the crooked peer, and the string of their lawyers involved in assorted scandals
this of course is EDS, not HP--one would hope things will improve, especially now that they'll be running the new gchq 'big brother' system to monitor each and every online communication
not just bashing for the sake of it, in all honesty as a british citizen their relationship with the govt & manner of conducting business really worries me--you won't find many EDS fans in the UK

Comment Re:Not in TFA: It has a 12-foot raised floor (Score 1) 116

a cursory glance at the mainstream UK news media will provide all the proof you need
or parliamentary reports for that matter
also guessing their lawyers are a bit busy coping with the billions of pounds of compensation claims against them
though they did have a crooked labour peer in their pockets
you could start here or here

Submission + - Chip and Pin Credit Card Attack Discovered (

Fullers writes: The BBC reports that scientists from Cambridge University have discovered an attack for the 'Chip and Pin's system used to verify credit and debit cards in Europe. The hack appears to be a simple man-in-the-middle attack, using a laptop to allow the verification of any random pin for purchases. They are now working on miniaturizing the device to the size of a remote control.

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