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Submission + - Amazon delists music after battle with MI (

Opportunist writes: It all started with Amazon buying music cheaply abroad and selling it expensively in the EU. Now, the music industry did not like that of course, deemed those imports "illegal" and sent a cease and desist letter. Amazon decided to bend to the MIs will. And do more than that. They not only delisted the CDs required, they pulled almost everything from Sony and Warner (and a few topsellers of Universal and EMI) from their range of products. In the meantime, after a quick talk, it seems the problem has been resolved. For now. Neither side really considers it settled, it just seems both agree that such a battle should not be fought right now, in the week before the big spending event. Though one has to wonder: Who is actually in the stronger position when they canot find an agreement?

Submission + - ChaCha Turns Indiana University Into Its Billboard 1

theodp writes: "'In general, IU restricts the ability to place advertising on [university] websites,' explains Indiana University. But that was before the current IU President joined (and resigned) from search startup ChaCha's Board. And before the Governor of Indiana made a ChaCha Board member an IU Trustee. And before IU announced its Librarians would be working gratis as ChaCha Guides. And before ChaCha's CEO held a million dollar fundraiser for the Governor of Indiana. And before a State of Indiana fund chaired by the Governor invested two million dollars in ChaCha. And before IU hired away the local newspaper's IU watchdog who was reporting on the situation. So now, Valleywag reports, IU has given a thumbs-up to ChaCha's introduction of Google AdSense ads to students' search results, with the stamp of approval of unspecified 'IU executive leadership.'"

Submission + - CompUSA closing stores. (

N0N0B4dD0g writes: Macworld reports that computer and electronics retailer CompUSA announced on Friday that it would start winding down its retail operations after being acquired by an investment firm, which is looking to sell the company's business and assets.

Submission + - Leopard Users Getting Green/Purple Screen Of Death (

Tech.Luver writes: "Apple Leopard users say their systems have taken to randomly flashing the color green. A poster to Apple's support forum named "Matthew Hickey1 recently reported that his Leopard-based PowerBook displays the green flashes whenever he tries to close applications. Numerous follow-up posts indicate that the problem isn't unique to Hickey's machine. Other users of Leopard, officially known as Mac OS X 10.5, say they've experienced the weird green flashes. Apple support forum member "bob812 likens them to "a strobing effect." ( )"
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Submission + - One down, two to go.

lelitsch writes: The WSJ, Reuters and other news agencies report that CompUSA has been sold and is going to be liquidated. While this will give a short term boost to CircuitCity and Best Buy, I wonder if their combination or high prices, high pressure sales techniques (not to use a nastier word), unfriendly staff and lack of technical savvy might drive all of them out of business eventually. Are we headed for a WalMart and web world for tech toys?

Submission + - Klingon in Libraries 1

An anonymous reader writes: Finally "some nerds" at a famous Danish cultural institution pulled themself together and took notice of the growing klingon-speaking community (eh, right): Now klingon scholars can access astronomical resources — say if they wanna find a way home to Qo'noS — at Copenhagen University Library, belonging to the Dainsh Royal Library. Just follow the logical URL (Vulcans are invited too) to and click "Klingon".

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