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Journal sm62704's Journal: Ran Dumb Comments 9

Entropy ensures that life, the universe and everything is empty.

If you punched "42" in the snack machine at work you got Nacho Doritos. Then you got the Ranch Doritos. Now that slot is empty. So's my stomach.

Today's "normal" mcgrew journal was in a comment in the Batman story, The Batman Journal. I wouldn't have posted it as a journal, and in fact wasn't going to post the "paxil diary type" journal at all today and maybe even this week (unless something interesting happens, like I get laid), but I had to. I mean, how can someone living in a cartoon city not comment in a slashdot topic about a cartoon?

Smurf, the grouchy blue guy, is in it, as are a couple of felons. As I wanted it to be SFW there is no mention of the hookers.

One commenter in that thread referenced a story for the Sunday Times by someone named Jeff Dawson. I know a Jeff Dawson, but it's a different guy. He was accused of being a troll, so I came to his defense, only to have some AC respond "seek psychaitric help". Probably circletimessquare, back in the K5 days I was always telling him to take his meds.

Last week someone with a smaller six digit UID than me dissed me for the huge size of my tool; er, ID. What he doesn't know is that I have a five digit ID, but unfortunately I lost the password to it long ago (the last comment I made under that ID was Friday January 14 2000, @05:07PM, and indeed I mostly lurked back then. I had my Springfield Fragfest Quake site and was active on Planet Crap, where the likes of George Broussard and Tim Sweeney posted regularly. I was also still married and taking care of my daughters, who my ex mostly neglected, so I didn't have a lot of time for slashdot, getting fragged and running a web site and working for a living and raising a family and all.

The kids and I had lots of fun shooting at each other. Both of them are still heavily into electronic games, and Patty even manages a GameStop.

Want to know why Tim Sweeney is so afraid of piracy? Because when he was in college, he was a pirate. Thieves expect to be stolen from, copyright infringers expect their copyrighte to be infringed, honest people expect honesty and violent people expect to get the shit kicked out of them.

But Having only posted four comments at slashdot, I bought a house and was without internet access for several months, and got a new provider and new email address and lost my slashdot password.

If anybody knows how to get my old user name back (which is the same as my meatspace name), I'd like to know how.

I see that my old nemesis Pete Jongular is no longer an admin at K5. I'd go back there, but I lost that password too.

When I was metamoderating today, once again I metamoderated a comment that my own comment was the parent to. It was modded "informative" and I metamodded it as "fair".

Thought for the day: Love is not only blind, but deaf and tasteless. It does, however, smell.

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Ran Dumb Comments

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  • If you do - you can get the password reste by the slashers. This account had BURNED the old email - when I got paranoid! :-)

    Just being able to confirm what the mail address was, 1 year later, let them send a new PW reset to my new email.

    • by sm62704 ( 957197 )

      It was over eight years ago, It could have been anything. Probably one of my old domains, either or but it could have been my ISP's. I've moved physically three times since then, gotten divorced, gone bankrupt, and changed email providers I don't know how many times.

      • Simple. Send an e-mail to Tell them the possible e-mail addresses you created the account with. Just include anything you can remember. They'll reply back with a question. Something strange that you will only know such as "what college did you attend" or some other such nonsense. You answer and they send you a new password. That is how I reactivated this account from way back when (as well).
        • by sm62704 ( 957197 )

          Thanks, I'll try that when I'm not at a public terminal (I've been logging on from teh library; I've been too lazy to fix my computer at home)

  • My old low /. UID number had my real name.

    Nowadays I never use my meat-space name as an ID anywhere on the tubes. Too many information highwaymen in the wilderness these days.

    Even my Blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Digg ... all of my social networking usernames are avatars. The real name of me? Not yours.

    Avatars are also kind of nice in that I can have different personas for any different subject matter that may interest me. One of my favorite ones was "DangerousExtremist", a WordPress blog that was about Wome

    • by sm62704 ( 957197 )

      When I first got in the internet in 1997, my then-ISP, whose primary business was renting movies (Family Video) advertised "unlimited internet access". This included your own web site, so of course I started a blog, "The McGrew Page". I put a copyright notice at the bottom, and apparently it was spidered rather quickly as I got spammed a week later, although it was a hand-made spam: "Hi! I'm Steve McGrew, too! Come see my web site". It was actually a pretty funny (albeit really bad geocities) site, "Steve M

      • From "Family Video" and your "name is a terrible identifier" ... to crackwhore, forged checks, another whore, more crack, a murder weapon, a whore trying to kill her parents, and worst of all ... BANKERS!

        That was simply awesome!

        I keep my anonymity so that I can blog as a woman, a man, or androgynously. I guess that makes me a "cross-blogger" ... and a closeted one at that.

        Another weird thing, everyone in the U.S. with my last name's spelling ... is a relative.

        • by sm62704 ( 957197 )

          Like the old cartoon, "on the internet, nobody knows you're a dog". YMMV always; if you have a unique name then of course you should probably use a pseudonym, but if your name is "Johnson" you really don't have to worry.

          The story of the whore who stole my car and traded it for crack to a would-be murderer is somewhere in these journals. Maybe more than once.

          • Oh I don't doubt the veracity of any of your journals. I would wager that all of your journal posts are comprised of much more fact than fiction, (I have relatives that fit the car stealing, murder attempting, crack whore description ... some are really much worse ... and you really "don-wanna-know"). I like your writing and I'm pretty sure I have read a sentence or two about that incident here before.

            I enjoyed the ride from one extreme to another in your reply. And I never miss a chance to point out th

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