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Journal sm62704's Journal: (yawn) b000000000000000ring (YAWN)

I've been watching TV. Really. Honest.


The Illinois Times published my letter to the editor (HEALTH CARE AND THE "FREE" MARKET) I posted at slashdot in the April 15th journal.

I haven't read it yet, I wonder what I said? God but I'll be glad when Dr. Odin tells me I can read again! I was in the mniddle of Hitchhiker's Giude to the Galaxy yet again, and to quote Beetlejuice, "It just keeps getting funnier and funnier every time!"

Tami's still hanging around, but I don't mind a bit. She's been cooking and cleaning and doing laundry, actually earning her keep. It's like being married, except for the lack of sex. And she doesn't nag me like the wife did. Well, not as much anyway.

The bubble in my eye has shrunk to the point that it's very, very small. I had bigger floaters before the vitrectomy. Of course, there are no floaters at all in that eye now, except the annoying little bubble that completely filled my field of vision the day after the surgery.

Life's been boring. The week and a half after the surgery it was hellishly boring, but it got better when the doctor said I didn't have to keep my head down any more.

I found I must be part of an epidemic. I was talking to my old friend Mike (known as "Pig Farmer" in the old K5 Paxil Diaries, but he stopped raising pigs when the price of hog feed shot through the roof), who told me that he'd been talking to our old friend Tom Egbert, who lives twice as far from here as Mike. Tom's brother Vernon, a career Air Force man (AKA "a lifer") had a detached retina the same time as I did. They put a rubber band around his eyeball!

I was in Felber's with Tami a couple of days ago, and the bartender said she'd had her eye lasered. "LASIC?" I asked. "No" she said, she'd had a blood vessil rupture and they used a laser to cauterize it. "I can't remember the doctor's name, he's at the Prarie Eye Institute".

"Dr. Odin?" I suggested. "Yeah," she said, "how did you guess?"

"He's my doctor, too. Did you know that Odin was a Norse god who sacrificed an eye for wisdom?"

"No," she replied rather uneasily. And then promptly changed the subject.

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(yawn) b000000000000000ring (YAWN)

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