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Journal sm62704's Journal: Sweet revenge! 1

I've had a few comments rated "troll" and "flamebait", and thought "how in the hell did retards ever get mod points at a nerd site?"

I don't (intentionally) troll or bait flames, but I do welcome any and all feedback. Is that trolling? Some mods seem especially thick. I always add "-mcgrew" at the end of comments (because that's my meatspace name), and often link to something or other that I've written in the past that is on topic for the slashdot post. I can't remember the specific comment, but I was informative in one post and linked to an old K5 diary titled Fun with offline trolls. It was modded "troll".

A lot of folks used to (and likely still do) enjoy my musings; almost all the stories I submitted to K5 were posted, and 2/3 of them made the front page. Rusty Foster, the site owner, mentioned in one early post that he'd hotlisted me, to which I replied "Oh shit, Rusty hotlisted me. Now I'll NEVER get laid! At least Rob Malta hasn't hotlisted me..."

Once I submitted four stories and was banned for crapflooding. All four were posted, three to the front page. Rusty reinstituted my account and told me it was a tachnical glitch that caused it, and that I was the only one in K5 history to be banned for crapflooding that had the flooding crap posted!

I left the site a couple years ago after a dustup with one of the admins there; as many people hate me as love me. More, probably. I may go back to K5, as I think Pete's gone now too. The asshat.

Sometimes people say outrageous things that really piss me off, and I flame them mercilessly. These posts are often ignorantly labeled "flamebait". Seems some mods can't tell a flame from flamebait.

Despite the "troll" and "flamebait" moderation on various comments, my karma remains "excellent", maybe because I'm brutally honest and really don't give two shits about my karma. So I was looking forward to metamoderating so I could kick these stupid mods' asses for their ignorant mods.

So today I was invited to metamoderate.

So what happens? There wasn't a single one I thought unfair. A couple I thought were interesting were labeled "informative" and so forth, but none I thought were unfair.


Well, I still have consolation - I got laid the other night! Of course that means my nerd license is suspended again. I can't seem to stay out of trouble...

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Sweet revenge!

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