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Comment How is this a surprise? (Score 5, Informative) 114

The Olympic Committee has been pushing for YEARS that they be the sole source of any information, media or other materials originating from the events. It's only a matter of time before they ban external reporters altogether and simply provide their own press releases throughout the days from their own staffers.

Comment Re:Give me a legal choice HBO (Score 1) 221

You'd think I was in the boonies, but I'm not.
Prior to moving in I was told that not only was DSL available but they were upgrading to FIOS.

It IS technically available here, the issue is that there are no subscriber slots available.
Cable has never responded to why it's not actually available other than 'it's not sorry'.

Comment Give me a legal choice HBO (Score 2) 221

Cable isn't available at my house (not even internet, I have to use a cellular data access point), I don't have a clear view for satellite, there are no FIOS options and you won't let me just subscribe to HBO Go so I can watch from my phone or whatever, give me a legal option and I'll take it.

Hell, I bought the previous two seasons already, I'd LIKE to buy this one.

Comment I CAN'T subscribe to HBO (Score 1) 447

No cable available at my residence and I don't have a clear view to the sky for satellite service (tried that after moving in).
Compounding issues is that I wasn't aware that there was NO high speed internet service of any sort here before I moved in, it never occurred to me that a new house a few minutes from Birmingham, AL would even HAVE that issue, but it is what it is.

I'd LOVE to be able to just subscribe to HBO Go on its own but I just switch between torrents and (increasingly, although I hate the restrictions) iTunes to get the television shows I want by leeching access from McDonalds and friends houses.

Can't even get DSL here, it sucks which is a rant I should reserve for another thread.


Submission + - Physicians Find Social Networking To Be Bad Medicine (

Lucas123 writes: Medical students and physicians face the choice of either not using social media or using pseudonyms that only friends know in order to avoid violating privacy rules and to steer clear of inappropriate contact with patients. One growing trend sees doctors switching to private professional networking sites, which allow them to discuss medical cases in professional forums, seek out colleagues for remote consultations and read up on the latest treatments and outcomes.But the forums, which promote 'curbside consultations', can also be problematic, particularly when it comes to liability for care gone wrong.

Submission + - Android mini computer selling for just $74

chrb writes: The MK802 is slightly larger than a thumbdrive and has a microSD card slot to add to its built-in 4GB flash storage. Wi-Fi is also supported. It comes with a Mali 400 GPU that enables it to output 1080p video through HDMI.

Submission + - Russia to establish bases on the Moon (

ananyo writes: Vladimir Popovkin, the head of Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, has said that Russia will pursue extensive, long-lived operations at the Moon’s surface. "We’re not talking about repeating what mankind achieved 40 years ago,” Popovkin said, through a translator at the Global Space Exploration Conference in Washington DC. “We’re talking about establishing permanent bases.”
The heads of the space agencies for Europe, Canada and Russia, along with senior representatives from the space agencies of India and Japan were in Washington DC talking about the benefits of international collaboration. JAXA, the Japanese Space Agency, also issued a clear pronouncement about targeting the Moon.

Comment Downtime Extended Until 530pm EDT (Score 1) 594

The downtime for the login servers (again, to play a single-player campaign) has been extended to 3:30PM EDT.
At one point I was able to get into a queue (for my single-player campaign) but was randomly disconnected.

I could give a damn about duping and an exploited environment, I never played D2 online and I don't plan on playing D3 online, that's what I have WoW for.

I knew this going in, I was disappointed (I travel extensively, and it's rather difficult to find access points in the Southern US) since I wouldn't be able to play on-the-go, but I said 'well at least it'll be hella fun' when I'm home or at MOST of my destinations.

This is the first time I've broken down and actually purchased a DRM game of this type, and even though I realize that it's launch day, I'm still regretting it.

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