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Comment Re:Tax planning and rich people (Score 1) 2115

The tax on the profit from selling the bread is more akin to the tax paid on dividends by someone who holds stock, which is taxed like any other income. Tax on the sale of stock is more like tax on the the sale of the bakery. As I'm not in the business of finance (or baking) I can't compare the difference in tax on these actions, but the reduced tax rate on capital gains is not for frequent traders as it only applies to long term gains (stock that is held for at least a year).

Comment needs more refinement (Score 1) 39

You can look at the video here.

The motion-capture of the guy swinging from the monkey-bars looks somewhat realistic until you realize that his hands are swinging around in the rendering when they should be (and are) stationary on the actor.

Should be interesting when the technology matures, though.

Comment virtual mine home including video (Score 4, Informative) 65

The virtual mine homepage is here.

In the video (spoiler alert!), after players accomplish the three stages of the challenge (extracting coal, 'conserving energy' by turning off electric devices in town (including stoplights??), and constructing alternative energy devices, they go to the town square for a celebratory country ho-down. No joke.

Comment Re:Not so hidden cost of outsourcing (Score 1) 241

maybe now you will see the dark side of outsourcing to a country like China.

What does the place of manufacture have anything to do with fake retail stores? Wouldn't this be just as news-worthy if this was happening in Latvia?

Presumably the cost of surreptitiously acquiring the merchandise for unauthorized resale is much easier when it is manufactured in the same country, particularly if that country is known to be a relative safe haven for dubious business practices conducted at the expense of Western interests.

Comment Re:Deja vu (Score 1) 233

there's a difference between falling on a rock hard bathroom floor versus a bush or even grassland.

He found the gadget, its glass surfaces shattered, on top of a building about a half-mile away from where he landed with his parachute.

Chances are it was a bit harder landing than grassland. However the phone did have a protective case, and was still quite banged up from the fall.

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