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Comment Re:And? (Score 2) 67

Just because someone has done something before doesn't mean they are some constant boogeyman in the background. Again, everything is not Microsoft conspiracy. Just like Islamic terrorists are not behind every corner trying to blow you up.

Would you trust a recidivist drunk driver with the keys to your liquor cabinet and your Porsche?

I didn't realise I wasn't logged in, oops!

Comment Re:Ummm.. (Score 2) 119

So it had to survive a catastrophic event that threw it on a piece of rock out of the atmosphere of Mars into an orbit that brought it to Earth within the allotted number of days for it to survive and then survive entry into the Earth's atmosphere, which no matter how you spin it would involve the subject going from very,very cold to very, very hot, very, very quickly. To survive all that and land some place where there is food and beside a mate.
I really think it would need an infinite improbability drive to do all that.

Comment Re:I propose... (Score 1) 526

Roughly only 30% of the population seems susceptible to placebo effects, and it is not possible to determine ahead of time whether a placebo will work or not. (
So if you want drugs that work only 30% of the time then go buy some herbal water, if you want something that works more often then go to the pharmacist and buy something that has passed a double blind test, which should work with considerably more reliability than 30%.

FYI I really do not think that the placebo effect is not real, I don't have an explanation for it but it is definitely real.

The problem with the pill that causes a direct chemical action is that the body tends to detect this sort of manipulation and develops tolerance to it.

That seems like broad brush, non-verifiable claptrap that one gets from Naturopathy

Comment Re:I propose... (Score 3, Insightful) 526

And your suggestion for a replacement is what?
Seriously, how are you going to judge the effectiveness of a drug, if you don't test it in humans and how are you going to discriminate the placebo effect from the real effect?
At present we cannot totally rely on animal testing or computer models, so just what do you want to use?
If we didn't use humans in testing in a double blind test then we couldn't say for sure that the drugs are effective and then we would be open to the same empty promises and shenanigans of Homoeopathy.
It is truly unfortunate that this has to happen but until someone can come up with a reasonable working solution to the problem then the double blind is the best that we can do.

Comment Re:Yeah Okay (Score 1) 530

Yes, tax is an unfortunate reality of ownership of many things. One of the ways governments raise money is to tax the ownership of vehicles and property. If the government didn't tax those things then they would tax something else in stead, like petrol or bibles or babies or baby bibles. Governments do this ostensibly to pay for bombs, bomb delivery devices and uniformed marchers. If you want to have the benefit of being able to bomb who you want and have your marching people march in foreign places then you will probably need to have taxes, bombs don't build themselves you know! Uniformed marchers tend to make more uniformed marchers but they take a while to bake and some-one else has to make the uniform, usually some stinky felon who has be remanded in a lovely quiet private residence/workplace that has free food, bed and washing facilities.

Children, on the other hand, are registered so that Santa can keep track of them on his naughty/nice machine and the registry of marriages are an extension of Santa's policy of tracking children's parents to make sure they don't move to some sinful godless place like Canada, where the gays can get married, or someplace as awful as Europe, 'cause we all know its full of sinners there, Santa doesn't even stop in most of those countries.

Comment Re:Yeah Okay (Score 3, Insightful) 530

I probably shouldn't do this but, what paranoid corner of the realm did you crawl out of?
Here are some of the benefits of all this control

Land is registered to stop it being stolen out from under you.
A car is registered so that police know who to call if you burnt body is pulled out of it.
A child is registered in order to make sure that you treat it properly, see that it gets taught to read and write real good and protect it from the possible harm of being brought up by a complete wing-nut.
You register you marriage so that you don't go and marry your sisters again and again so we can keep our gene-pool nice an healthy!

Now I like a good poke at "The Man" as much as the next left-wing freetard, but there are benefits to all the things you have ranted on about (it was a rant you can tell by the CAPS).
But in saying all that you DID reference to articles written by David Icke (AKA Jesus) who thinks that the world is run by reptiles that are six feet tall and disguise themselves as the UK Queen and you take him seriously?
To be concise, I don't feel that your lift goes all the way up!

Comment Re:I laught at the western countries when I look (Score 1) 209

I think you are being more than a bit disingenuous, I think what the post is saying is that free trade without the level playing field of emission standardisation can only lead to corporations who are morally ambivalent to move to countries where one of the major attractions is to circumvent emissions policies in developed countries.
You are comparing Apples with Oranges.
Environmental legislation is generally in place because there have been issues in the past which have lead to new legislation to prevent accidents re-occurring, in a similar fashion to workplace safety laws.
When corporations side step these laws in order to make a buck then I think it is fair to say that Free Trade is directly endangering both the environment and peoples lives and quality of life.
Maybe Free Trade needs to reflect the imbalances in Environmental and Labor laws to protect the peoples of countries that do not value their citizens rights to freedom, fresh air and protection form morally bankrupt corporations.

Comment Re:Just another reason... (Score 1) 131

This is the reason why FOX news should not be trusted,

During their appeal, FOX asserted that there are no written rules against distorting news in the media. They argued that, under the First Amendment, broadcasters have the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on public airwaves. Fox attorneys did not dispute Akre’s claim that they pressured her to broadcast a false story, they simply maintained that it was their right to do so.

(my emphasis) So really should you trust ANY news from this media empire?
other info on this

Submission + - Possible solution to Apple, Google, GE et al. and their devious ways (

slowLearner writes: There have been at least three articles posted on Slashdot this week about Tax payments, or lack there of, made by major corporations. I have commented on a few of those, but got tired of the constant repletion of the same issues. I think the fatigue got to a lot of people.
Anyhoo I thought this article supplied an interesting way forward.
"that freedom of information laws should be extended to the private sector" Please read the whole article before shooting me down in flames.
I know that this is not a technical article, but given the level of postings on previous topics around this there may be demand to see this on the front page. , ,

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