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Perimeter Institute Launches Modern Physics Resource 30

An anonymous reader writes "You can find six new online sources of info about hot topics in modern physics at the 'What We Research' outreach page of Perimeter Institute. The info includes text, graphics and online presentations dealing with Cosmology, Superstring Theory, Quantum Gravity, Quantum Foundations, Quantum Information and Particle Physics. The resource section at the bottom of each page recommends a wealth of interesting online lectures by some famous scientists. PI is an independent, nonprofit scientific research and outreach organization."

Comment Re:Off means off (Score 1) 951

Of course, if you poll automatically, and often enough, you effectively have 'push' anyway. Perhaps this is what the iphone does. I've never had direct experience of using email on an ordinary cell phone or on a Treo or similar device. I was under the impression that you had to explicitly retrieve your email. Is that correct, or does a Treo poll as well?

Submission + - Rocket Explodes, Makes More Space Junk

anthemaniac writes: A Russian satellite launch that went awry last year left a booster rocket loaded with fuel up there. Well, it exploded. Now there's more than 1,000 new pieces of space debris. An animation shows the debris seen from Australia. NASA says they're not worried about any of it hitting the space station or affecting the next shuttle launch.

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