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Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

There is a vehicle in the works that will sell new for well under $10k: The Elio

It's anticipated base price is $6800, gets 84mpg hwy and has power door lock & AC/heat standard. They are currently building 23 engineering units for validation testing (safety, handling, ABS & PCM calibration, etc.) and plan to start full scale production in the second half of 2017.

Comment Unpredictable production is a bad thing (Score 2, Insightful) 298

This is a problem, not a good thing. Wind and solar production should have been throttled to prevent dumping more power on the grid than demanded rather than paying companies to burn off the energy.

The only way renewables work is if the power is used locally to reduce/level demand or as preferred peaking generation (with sufficient idle nat-gas backups to cover the worst peak). The only time prices should go negative is in the rare occasion that the demand dips below the base (nuclear/hydro/coal) generation. And in that case, wind and solar shouldn't be putting any power into the grid.

Comment Re:So if it's all about weight... (Score 1) 555

Banning trucks might be a difficult task, but we could drastically reduce the average vehicle weight and reduce commuter fuel consumption/emissions to 1/3 of what it is today if everyone drove these to work: Elio

~1300lbs, 84/49 hwy/city mpg, fully enclosed, A/C, heat and seats two. The best part is that they will only cost $6800. That's low enough that it will pay for itself in just fuel savings so you can buy one to go alongside your family vehicle.

Comment Re:Simple question (Score 1) 342

Why should tobacco or any form of cigarette be legal at all? There are no redeeming benefits of smoking.

You're asking the wrong question. You should be asking why it should be illegal. And if you find reasons that it should, any laws written should try to address those aspects with minimal interference in the personal choices of individuals.

Banning things just because you don't like them is not okay.

Comment Re:Why should we hope they are wrong? (Score 1) 618

And your unsubstantiated statements of opinion carry more weight?

As far as the irreplaceableness of big cities like New York is concerned, it really does seem impossible for the people and businesses on the coasts to move to another suitable location nearby sometime in the next 50-100 years. What an onerous burden it is to not rebuild on the same spot when your building reaches the end of its design life. Instead let's place as much of the cost as possible on those that were prudent enough to avoid low lying areas that are prone to storm damage. I'm sure they won't mind paying their "fair share" to help shore up infrastructure they knew better than to build in the first place.

Comment Re:Why should we hope they are wrong? (Score 0) 618

No it won't. Humans are insanely adaptable and our species would survive even if all of the predicted events over the next hundred years suddenly hit us tomorrow. There are enough populated areas away from coasts to be safe from any level of sea level rise and away from hurricanes and there's enough stored water in reservoirs and sufficient filtration methods to survive prolonged droughts and water table contamination.

The apocalyptic rhetoric surrounding climate change is pure BS. Sure there is some risk in having to adapt to a changing climate and we may be causing it to change somewhat faster, but we need to weigh the costs of acting against the added costs to adapt and that analysis is what is glaringly absent from the discussion. Does it really make sense to drive up the costs of energy in an attempt to avoid or delay these changes? I honestly don't know and I think it is essentially impossible to figure out with all of the politically motivated bullshit being spewed on both sides.

Comment Re:Solution looking for a problem? (Score 1) 172

I'm not a gamer, but from what I've heard most modern CPUs are capable of handling just about any game out there. Even laptops come with multi-core processors and tens of GBs of RAM these days. The only limitation I see on the laptop format would be disk space. Maybe attaching a fast external storage array to the dock would be a useful add-on so you can keep the cost of the on-board SSD down?

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