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Comment Re:Too many... (Score 1) 1220

Reading the book probably made the movie seem worse by comparison, but the novel is great and some of that probably did come through in the film. I understand the criticism of Crichton. He does have a certain style, but I think it worked pretty well with the content and a novel is a much better medium for this kind of psychological thriller where so much of the action takes place in the characters heads.

Comment Re:Electric jet? (Score 1) 163

Close they call it the RAT (ram-air turbine). And it works for what it's designed for: power for critical systems in an in-flight emergency.

They usually prefer to run the APU in those situations, if they can. But deploying the RAT is your only option when you lose all of the engines and the APU is off.

Comment Re:Hope it goes better than the plan did for Kelo (Score 1) 325

No, the laws are a "corporatocratic dreamboat in most of his decisions". As far as I can tell, Gorsuch rules based on the written law and not who he feels should win based on emotional pleas. If you don't like his decisions, change the laws.

Comment Re:I'm not sure this is progress. (Score 1) 301

True, but "they" is much less awkward with an indefinite subject, though. "The presenter cleared their voice and spoke" sounds almost as natural as his or her and is far better than using constructions like "his or her" or new words like "xis".

The problem with "Carly cleared their voice and spoke" is that it introduces ambiguity. Whose voice was cleared in that case? It doesn't have to be their own, Carly could be an otolaryngologist.

Comment Re:WTF!!! (Score 2) 513

Single payer isn't the only alternative that avoids this issue. There are more direct ways to decouple employment from health insurance, like requiring employers to offer the cash value of health benefits for use toward a privately purchased plan and/or allow anyone to enroll in a corporate health plan at the full cost.

Just those two regulations would do a lot to eliminate the imbalance of information in employment benefits and health insurance costs that create the imbalance in power.

Comment Re:familyâ(TM)s (Score 5, Informative) 227

If I recall, not having the option to edit was an intentional decision. Since this site is about the users having technical threaded discussions, it makes sense to make the posts fixed as it preserves the integrity of the discussion (i.e. no going back to edit out the part where you were wrong)

Comment Re:I can tell the difference... (Score 1) 77

Agreed, current high bitrate lossy compression is not audibly distinguishable from lossless. That's not to say lossless formats aren't useful. They're necessary for storing original recordings and CD rips so that they can later be used to make transcoded copies in whatever lossy compression formats are best at the time. So unless there's been a breakthrough in lossless compression that beats 320kbps mp3 for size, then streaming lossless files is just a waste of bandwidth.

Comment Re:So don't buy it (Score 1) 209

Nope. Only the NFL broadcasts live games on the major OTA networks as far as I'm aware. It varies by market, but MLB, NHL and NBA all mostly broadcast on local/regional cable channels.

Local networks pay the leagues/teams insane amounts of money (literally, billions of dollars) for exclusive broadcast rights in their region.

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