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Submission + - Google car gets a ticket

slickwillie writes: for going too slow. A photo uploaded to Facebook by Zandr Milewski shows one of Googleâ(TM)s self-driving cars being pulled over by a Mountain View, California police officer.

Comment Re:Why not lisp (Score 4, Funny) 91

"Lisp failed because 1) it's hard (different thoughts/mentality to program) and 2) flexibility = unsupportable by another developer."

That will never "compile". Here, try this:

(((((Lisp) ((failed) because) ((1))) (it(')s hard) ((different) (thoughts/mentality) ((t)o) program) and 2)) flexibility) (= unsuppor)(table) (by another developer.)))))))))))))))))))))

Comment "Upgrade" to Hangouts (Score 2) 62

After much haranguing and cajoling I made the mistake of "upgrading" my Google Voice to Hangouts on my desktop. Now I have to type the phone number each and every time I make a call. There isn't even a redial, the phone dialer box disappears after the call. I had some contacts in old Voice but those didn't get transferred over (hello?) There are instructions for how to go back to the old style, export the contacts and then import them into hangouts, but so far it hasn't worked, Back in the 1970's we had these things called error messages if some action failed. I guess that is old-fashioned now.

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