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Comment Yes - sometimes (Score 1) 654

Not at all for work. Earlier when I lived in a bigger city I was usually assigned to places where it would be inconvenient to use public transport (not always though and then I would use public transport). Now I moved to a small city and live a two minute walk from work.

And there are times I need the car. But if I go visit a bigger city and have no rush and it is free I would most likely see more of the city. I wouldn't so much replace driving a car with public transport - I would just do more traveling daily.

Comment Re:average watcher (Score 1) 146

Nah I consume movies and tv shows but I can't in any way call it watching TV.
I don't pretend what I do is any better, just that there is a difference.

Reason I care to call them different is because I don't pay to get all programs I don't care about on TV but pay for the movies and shows I do want to watch.

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