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Comment On topic replies? (Score -1, Offtopic) 618

I know this is an interesting topic, but could people please explain why they are still posting on topic? I know the slashcott doesn't officially start til monday, but for some of you it seems you are quite unaware what the future of Slashdot actually holds, and are carrying on regardless. This will all be gone soon, or have I misunderstood Dice's plans and ignorance of what the slashdot audience really wants? Or do you honestly believe it'll all be ok?This is a serious question. I'm suspicious you are all shills, and confused why on posting, you all get straight to "score:2".

Comment Re:"Not Reproduclibe" (Score -1, Offtopic) 618

Please don't post sensible replies like this. These are the stuff that they are able to "sell". This is what will ensure /. demise. Are you not aware what is going down? With no discernable "product" (aka "audience") slashdot towers may realise our actual worth, even if it might be too late Fuck Beta!

Comment Delay between Timothy's posts suspicious! (Score 1) 108

Not unlike Soulskill yesterday, Timothy's "articles" are following an odd pattern. All articles are approx 3.50 hrs apart. Every one. Are they just automated? Or does "someone" have a specific schedule, of article, fake posts, shills, deletes, mod-downs, coffee, breathe, pray, check its not all a nasty dream.... Rise and repeat.

Comment Re:Okay... (Score 2) 108

Well, for instanceMaybe if Slashdot were based based in UK, they would be able to see the mental health problems of management, and arrest them under trumped up cahrges before they destroy swathes of actual meaningful communities. Please consider stopping sensible responses to Slashdot articles. Otherwise in a few weeks slashdot will drown under likes and selfies. Your post today kills tomorrow. Think, react, the only good post right now, if you like slashdot is of course, Fuck Beta.

Comment Re:Sucks to your ass-mar! (Score 2) 93

Maybe you don't get it. The Idea clearly laid out by "Timothy" is to turn the site into a nondescript blog style with crippled commenting. The will enable monetizing by reaching out to less technical users who will find it all looking similar to their favourite kitten site. They can come here and "like" things and post smiley photos, and be amazed by something like hand cranking battery charging "wow, I didn't know you could do that!" Its not really about the UI. We eho make it what it is (and you) are in the way of profits. Slashdot will die because they are visionless clones. We are not idiots. That is the problem they are facing. Posting "Fuck Beta" is not as sdaft as you think. It is activism, it's pretty much all we can do before it is too late. We are why the site exists and why you can currently have your "normal discussions" as you put it. In internet terms they are not really the norm. Thats why we are fighting against marketing it as normal to the masses, and dumbing down the design with "big pictures" and cripple commenting, and easy linky likey buttons. If you are not nerdy, what are you doing here? go to Digg or somewhere like that. Seriously though, go and have a look at Digg, it's what this will become. Join us, rebel, be active. if you want slashdot to exist you are going to need to fight a little, not just wish this mess all goes away. Consider Joining the boycott, not opposing it, it's in your interests! Or leave it to us. It is fun to defend what you believe in. To the end. United. Fuck Beta! (oh I don't ever normally swear on forums btw, how rude, yet exhilarating!)

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