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Comment Re:I'm for it. (Score 0) 262

So, what you're saying is, is Ranjeet from Bangalore works in like Sub-basement B designing Windows 8, right next to the furnace and eats rats for lunch, while Cameron (insert white guy name) works on the 4th floor, in a nice office, eating from the lobby commissary? /me apologizes to any Ranjeets out there. First name I thought of.

Comment Re:Google Analytics (Score 1) 109

I see the '' on several sites when I go in an enable certain domains in chrome. I block all JS and cookies, and only allow what I want to.

So, I block all the facebook, google, and doubleclick stuff that shows on the page.

Having said that, I've been using google for years. I am sure I was stupid sometime back in the day and logged into my Gmail, G+, Google Wave, Gdocs, etc on an unsecure browser, and they have my settings.

If you use Google login, do you know that you should turn off your 'browsing history' with google? Yea, they keep track of that shiat...

Then shut it down... I turned mine off years ago, but if you haven't done that, you're being tracked regardless...

Comment Re:Said it before and I'll say it again ... (Score 1) 282

what ads on /.? Chrome with Adblock Plus, NotScript, and Vanilla Cookie manager, plus F.B. Purity kills most everything on a majority of sites. fark, slashdot, funny or die. Sure, on sites like boing boing I have to enable certain cookies and javascript to get videos to play, but I do it only temporarily, and they get wiped when I close the browser...

If you block the javascript, and the javascript, you don't see anything on slashdot...

Comment Re:Not had a good experience (Score 1) 185

Real Admins know and love the powerful command line.

GUIs are for Windows lovers...

Here's the steps to run a GUI on OpenBSD

1. Install openbsd (use the FAQ on to install)
2. After install, reboot
3. After reboot, login as a user (you should have set one... NEVER use root)
4. type 'man afterboot' and read it
5. to get a GUI, type 'startx' at the prompt, this is cwm, but you can install any of the other excellent window managers (I use scrotwm)
6. If you require a bloated GNOME or KDE, you can install it using pkg_add (follow the instructions on the FAQ)

Really, all it requires is 5 minutes of work to read the FAQ. Everything is in the FAQ, or in the well written man pages. OpenBSD even treats misspellings in man pages as bugs, and with the same severity as other bugs...

If you still have a question, e-mail you can also e-mail, but be sure to have done your homework if you ask a question...

Comment Re:Hardly ever use? (Score 2) 185

You should... you aren't forced to use GNOME or KDE (I use sctrotwm), and I can run gimp, vlc, mplayer, libreoffice (or, because choice=freedom). Most all of the software you use is available on OpenBSD, and if not, the ports system is pretty easy to use to create software ports and packages in OpenBSD.

plus, as long as you do your homework before posting something to the list, you'll generally get some great people to help you...

Comment laptop (Score 1) 708

I run OpenBSD -current on my Dell Latitude 6500. Swap out the broadcom crap wifi for a ralink based wifi (RT3090 based), and use the Intel HD graphics vice the Nvidia crap that require you to take the table scraps from AMD, and you're golden. And still 1,000 USD cheaper than a decent iBook...

I don't use sleep/hibernate, but the ports/packages has everything I need. Add to that the fun of reading the misc@ mailing list (especially the new troll Zantgo)... good times... pure class

Comment Re:Just like MS (Score 1) 177

This is great news, if Samsung doesn't screw it up. I'm up for a new phone in a few months, and my OG Droid is looking long in the tooth, even with CM7 on it.

If I can get a Samsung phone, with cyanogenmod on it, or even better, the option to put AOSP on it, that would be great.

I made my wife get the Droid Charge, and it's loaded with a bunch of sh8t that I would love to get off the phone, but I don't want to root my wife's phone, and then have her complain every time something FCs

Comment Re:again? (Score 1) 319

I have a 2 WRT600N, 3 WRT300N, and 2 WRT54G that I use on a regular basis. All have dd-wrt on them. The 600Ns run both radios (2.4 and 5Ghz), and I have had no issues with them on my u-verse network at home. The hardest thing was getting my crap i38HG that AT&T gives you to allow one of the 600Ns into the DMZ+ mode so that I could use it instead of the gateway for traffic.

It made me sad, since the AT&T gateways use FreeBSD, but the interface is so locked down and clunky as hell. Plus, the radio has awful coverage. I needed to ability to boost the signal output and have external antennas.

Comment Re:just.. wow (Score 1) 246

The only problem I really see with the Linux folks is that they'll happily take BLOBs (binary drivers) from companies like Texas Instruments, Nvidia, and the like. The LInux devs will happily sign NDAs and wait patiently for those companies to support Linux. Sure, you may get a driver that works with your graphics card, but when you get a bug, you have to hope that those same companies care enough to fix it. OpenBSD devs will NOT sign NDAs, or incorporate BLOBs into their kernel or userland. And when they ask for support from companies, they ask for documentation, and hardware donations. They don't ask for code.

Companies don't often want to give out documentation, because "those linux folks are happy with our table scraps, why can't you be?"

So the OpenBSD devs had to create an Nvidia driver from scratch. It took time and effort, but in the end, the OpenBSD nvi driver is better for the most part than Nvidia's... Why? Because you can look at OpenBSD's code. It can be scrutinized. It can be easliy fixed and patched without a lawyer knocking on your door. You can take that driver and incorporate it into a linux build if you wanted.

It's unfortunate that just because OpenBSD doesn't have flash, that folks turn a blind eye to it.

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