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Comment Live Distros....find your desktop environment (Score 1) 443

Everyone has their opinions, I would suggest trying some out on your own using live distros (CD/DVD or USB drive). I have been using linux since 1998 at home, and it is great. Live distros are a beautiful thing.

You can boot into a fully running OS and try it out without installing it. It will also let you know if it is compatible with your hardware. It will run slower than if you installed it, but it will run and you can get the feel for it.

As you read through these comments, you'll see names of distros. All of them should have live versions you can try out.
Try them to see which desktop environment you like the best, that would be a good start. I use Mint XFCE. There is also Mint KDE, Mint Cinnamon, Mint Mate. Maybe others now too. Some distros, like Mint and Ubuntu have specific packaged versions with these desktop environments as the default. Others don't and you would hvae to install them and try them out. You can also have different desktop environments on the same machine and switch between them if you like once you install it.

For a beginner, I would say to stick with Ubuntu or Mint, which is based on Ubuntu. They have good guides/documentation, and large communities. You can also check out, which shows the most popular in terms of downloads. I am sure there are some of the top ones I haven't tried yet.

That is the beauty of it - take some time and try them out.

Comment a question for you... (Score 1) 94

A serious question - what kind of phone do you have?

I have known one person who had a Windows phone. One. I don't know anyone anymore who has a blackberry. Well, my son does. It's my old one from work that I had 5 years ago, he uses it as a pretend phone. Everyone talks about physical keyboards, but I could do no better on that than I can on my Android phone.

I would actually love for there to be alternatives. And I think that is what we have with Android. Not alternative OS, but alternative providers. Who provides Windows phones? Who provides iPhones? See the difference? Now if Google takes Android fully into their castle, that is when alarms should sound.

Comment Where is the countersuit? (Score 1) 394

I would expect that RottenTomatoes has also *increased* the viewing of many movies as well. I know that I have often gone there and looked at the highest rated movies when looking for something to add to my Netflix DVD queue. I like looking at the critics vs reviewers rating as well. Many a good movie (to me) has been panned by critics. Likewise, many critically acclaimed movies don't always get good reviews.

It's just information though, the choice of what to watch is still mine.

And I knew Batman vs Superman was poorly rated.... and I still added it to my queue. I didn't make it through it though, shut it off after about 1/4 of the way in. Just terrible.

Comment Re:Your post doesn't smell right... (Score 1) 303

I didn't even know what ORMs and URMs were, had to look it up.
He is a white male, and he still works there. So I am about 99.99867% sure you were exaggerating when you said "all".

I work with plenty of minorities, always have for 23 years at large and small companies. I have never ever seen preferential treatment towards or against minorities. I have always seen where we hire the best people we can given the constraints. Sometimes that was hiring a contract team instead of full-time employees, and sometimes they were offshore/nearshore, everyone from the US to Ukraine to Mexico to India. But the bottom line was that those teams were always temporary, and employees were protected when cuts were required.

That is the thing about technology, we always want the best people we can get to do the work - I really don't care where they are from or what they look like.

Comment Re:Walmart WAS a tech leader ... (Score 1) 66

You are confusing "technology" with "IT Sector". Those are two completely different things. Wal-Mart was innovating with technology a long time ago, increasing efficiency and automating a lot of information flow - for their own purposes. I thought all that was widely known. I think that they weren't quite as prepared for the web presence, and although they were in it early, they don't dominate like other players. I remember reading about how they deployed RFID to their warehouses to track trucks, and how they optimized shipping routes, etc. All high-tech, but not necessarily consumer facing.

Having said that, I don't shop there unless I absolutely need something quickly that nobody else around has... maybe 2 or 3 times a year. IT people or managers might be paid well, but my brother used to work for them and he absolutely hated it. As soon as he could find something else he left. They kept him at a certain number of hours to avoid having to offer insurance. If there is one thing I haven't heard about Wal-Mart, it's that they treat their employees well.

Comment Your post doesn't smell right... (Score 4, Informative) 303

I have a friend who is celebrating his 21st year at Intel. He has considered leaving a few times, but just couldn't because they take such good care of him. He gets stock options that come out to about 1/3 of my salary, he makes very good money, usually gets double-digit raises and bonuses that are about 1/4 to 1/3 my salary.

Every seven years, he gets a paid 3-month sabbatical, in addition to vacation. This year will be his 3rd one. He had to move once for the company, and when he did they pretty much covered every expense.

Quite honestly, I have known a couple of other people who have worked there, and none of them complained about it.
What I was told about Intel was that they take care of their employees, and during hard times (like during the economic downturn) they take better care of them. It's how they keep good people. I always respected them for that. I can't say as much for any software or financial company that I have worked for in the last 24 years.

Comment have a few, but easy call for me.... (Score 1) 299

At a small company in 2005 I was hired as the QA manager, I moved across the country for this small startup that had been around for 6 or 7 years. I was told I would get to hire my team of 7 and build the QA team and processes. For 8 months I was the only QA person and was told I couldn't hire anyone. Then suddenly I was asked why I hadn't hired my team yet. So I started interviewing... requirements were 3-5 yrs experience. Interviewed, made offers, nobody was accepting. As the hiring manager, my boss wouldn't let me in on how much the position paid. When I finally found out, I know why nobody was accepting - $30k. I finally convinced him to increase the salary, and I was able to hire two people. Not 7.

When I joined the company, my wife was pregnant with our first child. I talked to my boss, and asked if I could take some vacation days / sick days when the baby came. He said of course, that he had kids, and he totally understood. He was genuinely nice about it and I felt better. My wife had the baby, we had to do an emergency c-section, and everything was fine. That was on a Saturday, and I had planned to take the week after off. On Tuesday, the 2nd day I was off, I got a call from a co-worker saying my boss was flipping out, asking where the hell I was, saying I had to be in the office immediately. I said I couldn't and that my wife needed me as we had no family there. I went in on Thursday, and my boss was a total asshole to me. There was nothing urgent going on at all either, he just wanted me there.

After about a year of putting some kind of QA process with my 2 person team in place at this small company, I was told "You need to automate all of our testing". Then I was told that I could have no budget, couldn't hire any automation people, and had to do it in my spare time without any impacts to other schedules. I explained that it was possible to do, but not with those constraints. I even made some suggestions about how to approach it given those constraints. That wasn't good enough, so I set about busting my ass trying to do it. I was working 60+ hours a week, and making some headway. Two months later a new product manager was hired, and I was told to train him on our product as well. I came in the Monday after a long July4th weekend, and I couldn't log in. Then I was called into the conference room and was fired. I had a bad attitude, and when I was told to do something I should just say "yes". I calmly explained that what they asked me to do wasn't possible, and that's when I found out that the "product manager" I trained was my replacement, and he was going to take my position and do that automation. I said "I guarantee you that he won't".

I kept in touch with friends there. Three months later, the new QA manager was fired. They promoted the first person I hired to manager. She wasn't happy about it. She was fired after a month, followed by the rest of the QA team. Within a year the entire company folded. The promised IPO never happened, the multi-millionaire president-and-founder slunk back to his mansion, and the executives [my boss included] went on to other shady ventures.

I learned a lot there, but it was all mostly how NOT to be a manager.

Comment You are talking about sequels... (Score 1) 542

I can think of a couple of sequels, or movies in a series, that I liked just as much or maybe more than previous movies.

Toy Story 3 is my favorite in that series.
Logan is my favorite of the X-Men franchise.
I think that these two did need the previous movies to give them the full context though.

Batman Begins dwarfs all previous attempts to tell that story, and The Dark Knight was fantastic.

Rise of and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes were great and much less corny than the original, although they were prequels.

Comment This is just business... and Linux sucks at it (Score 1) 203

And that is how it should be.
Because businesses will come and go (even Microsoft), but the truly innovative and useful things are sustainable.

It is like the monk walking with his teacher, and they see a rabbit being chased by a fox.
The student says "That poor rabbit will get eaten".
The teacher asks "Why do you think so?"
"Because the fox is much faster, stronger, and more cunning".
The teacher says "But the rabbit will elude him".
"Why is that teacher?"
"Because the fox is running for his dinner, but the rabbit is running for his life"

Comment So... the US really is only a blip on this survey (Score 1) 244

Looks like maybe providers need to make the content available to those countries who are watching that "pirated" content.

It really seems to me that this is more about content not being available, so people find ways to get it. While Netflix/Amazon may be available in some of those countries, do they get the full list of shows/movies, or just a pittance? I know it is likely due to copyright law restrictions, but that should serve as a wake up call that those restrictions are not helping the copyright holders.

They sure threw the word pirate around a lot in the article. It would be interesting to see a definition of what they call "pirated".

Comment Did everyone else catch this? (Score 1) 519

Indeed, it is in some cases a federal crime to disclose a wiretap without authorization, including not only the information obtained from the wiretap, but also the mere existence of a wiretap with an intent to obstruct it. With respect to intelligence wiretaps, there is an additional issue: They are always classified, and disclosure of classified information is also generally a crime.

Effectively, this is saying that if there was a wiretap and Trump disclosed it without authorization, he could have committed a crime.
I have wondered if there were taps, maybe it was simply on the Russians and the fact that they were talking with Trump could have been a coincidence unrelated to the election. With all the shit Russia pulls, I would kind of hope our Gov was keeping tabs on them.

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