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Comment Improvements... (Score 1) 148

I can't help but wonder if they didn't make early drafts as terrible as possible to see what we, the people, would cry out the most about. While there are simpler explanations, the obvious being that they responded in response to the public, simple explanations don't always work well in politics. Ok, fine, I'll take off the tin foil hat now...

Comment Re:So it's just a body? (Score 1) 257

I may have missed it, but when did 3D printing get cheap? I've always known it as being a rather expensive, time-intensive process. I would think that would become a major barrier, unless they've made some significant advancement on that front (which they may have).

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 313

How do you fit that netbook in your pocket

A Dell Mini 10 netbook fits in the smaller pouch of my backpack. If you want even smaller, try a PDA such as iPod touch or Archos 43.

This is hardly a reasonable argument; when is the last time you tried to carry a full graphing calculator in your pocket? Just because you can jam it in there doesn't mean it's a good idea for you to do so.

and how many hours of battery life do you get out of it?

A PDA can run for a whole day at an indoor brightness level.

My TI-89 can run a whole semester on one charge of its 4 AAA batteries, and I'm an engineering student, so I frequently use it 2-3 hours a day. Of course, you still want to carry spares. Last semester I had to take an exam with an old backup Casio scientific calculator because the 89's batteries were dead.

Comment Re:Should be reliable (Score 1) 334

Ah. After some research I see that turbines seem to be around 40% efficient while diesel engines can be over 50%. I think the turbine efficiency was for converting heat to kinetic energy though which may not be a fair comparison for converting chemical energy to kinetic..

Both are forms of heat engines, so both comparisons would be in converting thermal energy into kinetic energy.

Comment Re:Very Cool (Score 1) 334

In the US, at least, the traditional braking system still has to be powerful enough to slow down the car without any concerns of failure, so a loss of electrical motor braking may be noticeable, but would only be likely to be catastrophic if you were pushing the limit and counting on that extra force to be there. And those situations already happen with traditional ICE cars when something in the driveline fails.

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