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Comment It's a great technology (Score 3, Informative) 69

802.11ad works in the 60GHz spectrum. This makes it perfect for in room network access and giving PAN functionality via WiFi Direct. Spectrum reuse for this band is insanely good.

Why? 60GHz is heavily attenuated by just about everything. If it's in room, you'll get decent coverage either through directly through LOS, or slightly attenuated by multipath. But it won't go through the walls too well, and it gets attenuated pretty quickly even by the atmosphere.

Check out this. https://transition.fcc.gov/bur...

But isn't this bad? Well, if you are hoping to drop a single 802.11ad access point in a building, and hoping to get whole office coverage.

But, if your 802.11 in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum are saturated, you can drop an 802.11ad AP into conference rooms, or places people use a ton of bandwidth, and offload it. Oh, and one more thing. Pretty much every implementation of 802.11ad that I've seen makes heavy use of either an array of highly directional antennas or beamforming. This just helps out more with spectrum re-use, and non-interference between different 802.11ad devices in proximity.

Comment Re:And this despite lower gasoline prices (Score 5, Informative) 270

Turns out Lithium Ion batteries, if you keep them the right temperature, last a very long time.

At a high level, the battery is damaged just a little bit each time it's charged. The amount of damage caused during charging is based on the temperature and how full the battery is. This means the longevity of a lithium ion battery is basically a function of how many times they are charged, the temperature, and if you charge it to 100% or only to 70%.

In the real world, with the Model S, people are reporting under a 20% degradation after 100k miles. It should last somewhere between 300k-500k before it's half dead.

As I understand it, as the battery capacity decreased, there should be a plan would be to install a new fresh battery pack, with the old one reused in a role for stationary storage, before finally being recycled.

Comment 21 years... (Score 1) 302

On one hand, Copyright is important for artists to be able to get paid for their work...
But on the other hand the copyright period in most countries are beyond crazy.
Ideally, I'd love to see 7 years without registration, extended to 14 if registered, and can be extended once to 21 years.
I can 100% guarantee you, there isn't any literature, music, or movie executive that will green-light a project if they don't feel that it will make money within the first year. And I can understand giving a few years, to allow artists to make derivative works, or prevent it being short enough so people just want to run out the clock.
But things like life + 50 years is just bananas. Copyright should be for a *limited* period of time. If a person can be born and live out their life without a work entering into the public domain, it's not a limited period of time.

Comment Too bad it's taken down... (Score 3, Interesting) 146

As long as people understand that the results are only based on research/papers, 23andme is really awesome. It's best to discuss things with your doctor, and get things double checked, rather than to treat 23andme as some alternate to proper healthcare and checkups.

I mean, really, who the hell would spit into a tube, pay $100 bucks and start a potentially harmful treatment regimen without seeing a doctor?

Speaking from experience, 23andme did identify that one of her genes leaves her susceptible to having bad side effects of one of the medications she was taking (and she was suffering from this side effect). Taking the 23andme health report to her doctor let her move onto an alternate treatment, which is working *much* better.

I hope that a revisited health report/traits thing comes back soon. Or maybe put it behind a test wall, and make sure people to understand exactly what they are getting.

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