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Comment Re:The Doom Of Android (Score 2) 117

I'm calling non-event because everytime the Media reports these "Emerging Critical Threats" like the sky is falling, a month down the track nothing happens.
Maybe, at most 1000 people in china infect their device by manually enabling side-loading for pirated apps and the rest of the world gets on with life.

I'm suggesting its not sophisticated or unknown because it just asks for permission through the intended API, i.e Not A Bug. I didn't mention anything about how the user perceives the question, that completely out of scope. If I come to your house and ask to steal all of your stuff and you say "Yes" because you didn't understand the question, that still doesn't make it a sophisticated robbery, thats just a normal robbery. We'll call it a user misunderstanding shall then we?

Comment Most Sophisticated Yet? (Score 2) 117

The method of obtaining install permissions and privilege escalation don't look particularly "unknown".
It seems as though the app just asks for it and waits for the user to say yes.

Did I miss something or does this look like every other non-event Android malware except with a new crypto scheme?

Comment Why do this direct from the Phone? (Score 2) 197

Rather than using the Phone to do the monitoring and polling, I'd consider using a service on the network at work and then make your phone a client of this service.
An example would be to use Nagios to do the monitoring and then use one of the countless Nagios Clients available to read the monitoring state from the service. You'll get the added bonus of knowing what happens if your Network coverage goes away to fill in the blanks after the event and be able to escalate to someone else if you're not available.

Comment Re:Lock-down time... (Score 1) 64

for what its worth, solve it from the command line in bash with the following.
wget -qO - |grep "</b></span></td>" |sed -e s/\<b\>//g |sed s/\</" "/g |awk '{print $1}'
(Yes its a bit messy but what do you want for 5 mins work.)

Anyone else want to have a go? (in perl maybe?)

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