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Comment Twice a Week - Transparently via Replicated sites (Score -1) 182

We release on average twice a week at a new startup funded by AAA - heavy DevOps shop with fast developing online travel product suite (www.tstllc.net).

Infrastructure runs on a mix of local private cloud and public cloud. MySQL replication between the two geographically different locations. Only 1 site takes traffic at a time. Replication is stopped before a push, new code deployed to cold site, automated QA testing verifies code site updates are working correctly, traffic gets flipped across datacenters via DNS Failover (see dnshat.com for example), backup site goes hot, release is pushed to other site, verified, traffic shifted back to primary site again via DNS Failover, and lastly replication is resumed. Replication is stopped only if there are schemas changes that prevent the new release from going live with replication running (rare now we have the Devs up to speed on the failover architecture). Pushes are done via automated scripts - Java/Scala/Play apps. Total release time 1 hour - smooth as butter - transparent to site visitors and AAA club clients pulling webservices to their automated backend systems (we make sure their backend systems obey's DNS TTLs like end user browsers so that the release failovers are transparent).

Within a year the whole thing will automated for multiple releases per day if needed.

Comment My wife arrested for a Felony over Facebook post (Score -1) 606

There is a child molester serving 60+ years for aggrevated child molestation against my oldest step daughter. That child molestors mother - the grandmother that raise the evil bastard - is out for revenge for her son being convicted.

She stalked my wife through 3rd parties on facebook. One day someone is irriated with their firefighter job and post a stupid 1 liner the read: "Ever feel like blowing something up?" in a Facebook post.

My wife - after years of harrasment by the evil child molestor's grandmother - posts back "lol 43 joe chambers rd lol". The evil grandmother prints it out - takes it to the local courthouse - and shows a judge getting him to sign off on issuing a terroristic threat warrant against my wife over that remark. The firefighter joking about blowing up was not arrested - but wife was. In front of her children - sheriff's show up one night and arrest her and haul her off to jail charged with a Felony terroristic threat. The county issuing the warrant was half a state away - so she was held in the local prison awaiting transfer - no bond could be issued on the terroristic threat warrant - so she was held indefinitely waiting on a transfer to take place at some future date to get her to the county issuing the warrant before she could see a judge to have bail set.

Fuck Facebook. Fuck our Justice System. Fuck that ignorant judge that signed the warrant (now unemployed - he got arrested for DUI and lost his seat).

True story - never made the news - no one gives a shit.

Comment If you had it to do over again - exclude Steve? (Score 0) 612

Given that Apple has turned into the most Evil Patent Foce on the planet - if you had it to do over again and the result would be the same wealth for you personally - would you choose with this hypothetic foresight to have created a company with a legacy more in line with your own hacker values (hence necessitating the exclusion of Steve - or do you still value that friendship enough to not regret said evil legacy)?

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