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Comment Re: "Couldn't be sure" (Score 1) 120

And it's a lot easier to keep that exploit hidden (i.e. available) when the source is closed

Having the source code allows you to find the really subtle exploits that can remain hidden for a long time. Also, people aren't as likely to audit old code that they and others have already looked at before.

Comment Re:Food Allergies kill people (Score 1) 740

Yes, and when you use "very" to qualify it, you're implying it is of minimal importance.

Not that it is of minimal importance, but very specific. Not only do you have to copy a peanut gene to a tomato, but you'd have to copy the very small part that encodes the specific proteins that result in allergies.

Comment Re: "Couldn't be sure" (Score 1) 120

Depends. They probably have access to source code from plenty of American companies. I guess they'll have a much harder time getting the source code of non-friendly foreign companies. Given enough motivation, they may find ways to get it, but it won't be nearly as easy as downloading it from the interwebs somewhere.

Comment Re: "Couldn't be sure" (Score 1) 120

I agree that NSA and friends manage to get the source code for many projects. But that proves my point that having the source code helps to find bugs, otherwise they wouldn't have to go through that much trouble. Entering invalid input is a great way to catch easy bugs, but some bugs may be much more subtle, and require various pieces of input to align accurately.

Comment Re:Why conceal it? (Score 1) 740

While it is true that we don't know the long term effects of GMO foods, we also don't know the long term effects of many traditionally bred crops, new pesticides/herbicides, additives, or novel combinations/treatments. The biggest (and best known) killer is still the high calorie (fat and sugar) foods, and despite nutrition info on the package, people still eat them.

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