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Comment Re:Your choices are... (Score 1) 197

It's as you said: Nokia N900, hands down.
You get:
1. Fully unlocked phone, unlocked bootloader and real Linux.
2. Loads of "hacker" tools and apps.
3. Busybox ash(stock) or full Bash if you want.
4. The phone part is fully scriptable with dbus commands. There's even a dbus monitor daemon to run a script when a certain dbus signal is sent.
5. Hardware keyboard, decent specs(CPU's a bit weak, but greatly overclockable), and good screen.
6. Debian Chroot gives full LXDE system right on your phone if you need it.
7. Real web-browser functionality: tablet-friendly stock microB(FF based, renders like FF 3), Firefox Mobile, Chromium(desktop version basically), Opera

I'm a big Nokia N8x/N9x fan, but I'd also add that the HP Veer has a full hardware keyboard and Busybox stock with installable Bash, and root access. The guys at WebOS Internals have done a great job of documenting Linux Applications for WebOS devices:
Bash setup:

Comment Re:Not buying again (Score 1) 998

I'll probably try the diesel car route like a VW Jetta the next time around.

My old Jetta TDI worked great (great for highway, good for city), but the new Jetta TDI Hybrid makes me drool!

Comment Re:A Few Notes on Your Suggestion (Score 1) 736

Also I've frequently heard that the U.S. only has enough oil under the ground to survive 60 days w/o outside imports, and then the wells will be dry. We really don't have the ability to become independent (despite what many politicians believe).

If that's what you frequently hear, you should consider listening to less bias sources. Just the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve will last 36 days:

The current estimate of "undiscovered" reserves would last about 1000 days without rationing:
Oil Shale adds another estimated 100,000 days (270yrs) of reserve
I'd add Natural Gas (which many cars/trucks can convert to use) to the list. Supplementing that with electric vehicles where appropriate, and the US looks in good shape.

Comment Re:Not worrying (Score 1) 126

Nothing stops you from using Windows Remote Management to do exactly the same thing with Windows.

Windows applications may support a subset of remote management, but unfortunately there is often the case that one needs a desktop application to fully configure an app. On Linux the default is text file configs modifiable via CLI, whereas Windows' applications _expect_ you to have a GUI. Until that expectation changes, RDP will be the most powerful remote management available on Windows.

Comment Re:ATT+VZW is the best option in CA (Score 1) 134

CA is a mighty big place, and I haven't traveled all that much of it. However I do happen to have phones on ATT's 3G network that can act as hotspots, and USB networking devices for VZW and Sprint. I don't have T-Moble because the coverage map looked like it wasn't really useful.

I have no data for Nevada. Last time I was in Arizona I didn't have a VZW device, but ATT seemed fine pretty much everywhere.

If you want AT&T's network but don't like the price, H2OWireless uses ATTs network and has better prices than ATT prepaid...but don't bother calling tech support unless you have 3 hours to burn (hiring a single person for tech support calls must be how they keep costs low!).

Comment BYOD (Score 1) 134

If you have a GSM device, just pickup a prepaid sim card when you get in the US. Either T-mobile Pre-paid or H2O Wireless (uses AT&T's network). Check which 3G frequency your device uses and save the $$$ from buying a new device. I've used both T-Mobile Monthly Pre-paid and H2OWireless and would recommend T-mobile for reliability, but both work well.

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